Dimond Bowlers Win Awards, Break State Records

Like many other sports teams at Dimond High School, when it comes to winning, the bowling team does not disappoint. This past bowling season the mighty Lynx brought in many awards and broke many state records.

Despite struggling to find enough girls for a team, the Lady Lynx had just enough students to put together a full roster. The girls dominated the competition, which brought home a state championship. 

Head coach of Dimond bowling, Beth VanCouwenberghe said, “The girls were the undefeated champions.” 

Dimond Sophomore Maia Struble, excelled this season and was the only girl from Dimond who was selected as an all-star. She also set a state record for girls when she bowled a 476 two-game series.

The boys, although being runner up to the state title, proved their bowling skills by breaking multiple state records.

The boys team set the state record for a single-game series with a combined score of 1224. They also set the record for the best two-game series with a 2248. 

Coach VanCouwenburghe said, “Because they set the records for the state, they have qualified for the U.S. National High School Bowling Championship.”

Not only did the Varsity team crush the competition, the open bowl team also won many awards and almost every match. In every open bowl match except one, the top three bowlers were from Dimond.

So, it is safe to say that Dimond does not struggle when it comes to having great bowlers. However, all these talented bowlers had to start somewhere and that is where the great coaching comes into play.

Winning is not the main priority to Coach VanCouwenburghe who said, “My favorite thing about coaching is watching the kids grow as bowlers.” 

The team practiced in a friendly and wholesome environment two days a week. Many of the best bowlers at Dimond practice much more than this, though.

Even though the season is over, Dimond Senior Anthony VanCouwenburghe, who was on Varsity bowling and an all-star, said, “I would say I am at the bowling alley about twice a week.” 

Anthony has been on the bowling team since freshman year and has had many great memories with the team. 

Vancowenburghe said, “My best memory has to be freshman year when the team won the state championship.”

The boys team has been consistently great for the past four years. In those past years, the boys team has won one state championship and has been runner-up three years in a row.

Two bowlers on the team have been curious to see if they can continue bowling after high school. 

Coach VanCouwenburghe said, “I know that Maia and Aliyas are both looking at bowling in colleges.”

Both Struble and Dimond Junior Aliyas Sargento are state record holders and all-stars. These two bowlers show outstanding dedication to the sport and want to continue doing it for as long as they can.

This dominating dynasty does not plan on slowing down as some of their best bowlers are still underclassmen. With many awards achieved and state records broken, it is clear that the Dimond High School bowling team is amongst the best in the state.