NBA Playoffs: Quickest Playoff Turnaround in NBA History

The NBA playoffs look to get started after only seven months since last year’s playoffs, making it the quickest turnaround for playoffs in NBA history. 

“Most athletes are exhausted at the start of next season after going deep in the playoffs. Now with less time for rest in the offseason many players may feel worn out by the time the season is done,” Dimond Junior Alex Bruce said.

Typically the NBA playoffs start in mid April. The 2020 playoffs started in August and ended in October with the NBA 2021 season having its first games in December only allowing players a maximum four months of rest. 

“I couldn’t imagine only getting a month off after winning a championship, already playing extra games since being in the playoffs,” Bruce said.

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat played in the finals last year and played a six-game series. 

“Having such a short turnaround could be the reason why many players who were on teams who had a deep playoff run are getting hurt,” Dimond Junior Garrett Lick said.

Players like Lebron James and Anthony Davis, who are both on the Lakers and won last year’s championship with them, had injuries throughout the year, with Davis just recently returning to the lineup and James to follow suit soon.

Another injury that could derail championship hopes is Jamal Murray tearing his ACL. Murray, who plays for the Denver Nuggets and is their top guard, is going to miss the playoffs.

“The Nuggets are always a dangerous playoff team, but without Jamal Murray they might struggle to make a deep playoff run,” said Dimond Senior Jeremiah Eneix.

The Nuggets are currently the four seed in the western conference.

With injuries and fatigue playing a role in this year’s playoffs there might not be a team in a better situation than the Brooklyn Nets. With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving returning from injury at the start of this year, the Nets are fresher and more rested than most teams.

“It’s ridiculous what the Nets have done this year in building a super team. Just looking at their roster it could look like an All-Star team,” Lick said.

Throughout the season, the Nets have acquired stars James Harden and Blake Griffin which has helped the Nets be able to put up 118.7 points per game, only second to the Milwaukee Bucks.

“A team that a lot of people forget about are the Jazz. Just because they are in the same conference with the Lakers doesn’t mean they should just be overlooked,” Bruce said.

The Utah Jazz currently are the one seed in the western conference and the holders of the best record in the NBA. The Jazz are looking for their first NBA championship.

“I don’t think it matters what seed you are in the west. When Lebron comes back he and Anthony Davis will end up in the finals against the Nets or something. Lebron is too good not to make it,” Eneix said.

The NBA playoffs are set to begin May 22 and will certainly bring the trademarked NBA playoff drama that it always brings.