Dimond Takes CIC Championship

With a late season, Dimond Hockey was able to pull it off again this year and win Regions with a win against our rivals the South Wolverines.

The score was 2-1, with a goal from Dimond Sophomore  AJ Pflugh  in the second period of overtime to seal the deal.

Pflugh stated, “I felt a sense of excitement and I couldn’t believe it.” 

Nor could his teammates.

CJ Reid, a sophomore at Dimond, stated, “ I was in shock that it went in and the excitement hit me when the team rushed the ice.”

Reid stated, “The stadium felt electric from the crowd to the team” 

Yet this was only Regions and they were not allowed to play State due to the season being late for Anchorage schools. 

The out-of-region schools had already played their seasons.

Reid stated the locker room opinion, “We all felt pretty mad that there was no State this year.”

With no State, the state title will be vacant until next year’s season.

Seniors Jack Dolan and Teague Porter were the top goal scorers this season for the Lynx, each having 10 goals.

The season this year was really compressed and tight, having a number of games compressed into one week. 

Even with the many games they were still able to almost have a perfect season going 13-1. 

Dimond was able to keep a perfect home record of 8-0 and having a win streak of six wins in a row. 

Seniors had a good send off to end their high school hockey careers, some being the stat leaders and the captains of the team. 

Landen Reed, a senior at Dimond and one of the team captains, stated, “Our send off was very good. Me and the seniors won State our freshman year and never got a chance to do it again till this year so it feels good ending it like that.”

Now with the seniors gone we have to look ahead to next year. 

Reed stated, “We have a strong group of juniors and a little bit of sophomores. We should be alright.” 

Next year the Lynx will have a chance to take the real state title home.

With other teams also losing seniors the teams will be different. The Lynx have a deep  bench that has good players that can step up.

With the vaccine and lifted mandates the season for the hockey teams started out with no fans allowed and then by the time that Regions came around they were able to play in front of their fans indoors.