Dimond Sports Update

The Dimond High School Wrestling team has many talented returning wrestlers and new wrestlers that wanted to learn this amazing sport. For Kaden Robinson, this is his first year wrestling and he said that “Even though the sport is hard, it is fun, and another way to release stress on other opponents.” With Kaden’s many losses he has much to learn and wants to compete for the rest of his high school career.
Another talented wrestler is Peyton Glore, with a record of eight wins and five losses. Peyton Glore has wrestled for 11 years and wants to continue wrestling for the rest of his high school career. But due to an injury, Peyton Glore was ruled out from multiple games and the most recent tournament at Grace Christain High School. With all the wrestlers participating, all of them had fun learning and gaining more experience in wrestling.

The Dimond Varsity Hockey team is looking very sharp this season, starting with five wins and three losses, and many more games to come in this year’s season. For junior varsity, an amazing start with eight wins and two losses.
With a recent loss from West Anchorage High School, the varsity hockey team will hopefully get another win against Eagle River High School. With the junior varsity going against Chugiak. With The season halfway through, there is still hope for the varsity team to make improvements winning more games into the season. Can’t wait to see the mighty Dimond Varsity team play, and continue winning more into the season.