Weekend Activities

Weekends are the best, from late Friday to Sunday, you have complete freedom after your school week. What if you don’t know what to do in your spare time? Then I’ll give you some guidance!

If you’re an artsy person, try buying arts & crafts supplies at Office Depot, and do some crafting in the P.M.! Another similar thing you can do is knit and make your own little knitting station at home. Art is a passion for many at this school, and lots of people enjoy art and maybe even will grow up to be professional artists. If you want to be like that, why not start off like this?

If you’re not much of a homebody, then you can go to different places in Anchorage as I mentioned in some other articles, Barnes and Noble and Target. Call up a friend to play at the Jewel Lake playground or throw your friends in the ocean like true friends (fake friends). Going outside is one of my favorite hobbies, and Alaska is a beautiful place, so why not?

One of my favorites is cooking and baking. This is probably one of the most efficient and beneficial hobbies. It can improve your mental health, maybe it can be your new and forever passion. One of the best things to start with is, of course, chocolate chip cookies. I recommend Nestle Tollhouse for chocolate chips. That brand is arguably the best and easiest chocolate chips for beginner bakers until you reach more into other brands and other types of chocolate chips.

Rewinding back to the second one, more things you can do outside are, of course, going hiking or skiing. It’s a very popular hobby in Alaska, and if you haven’t already, why not try it? The best place to go skiing is at Hilltop, which could be very far from here and although expensive, skiing is definitely a bucket list activity you should try in your time in high school. One thing I did over spring break was going rock climbing at the Alaska Rock Gym. It’s so easy and fun, there’s not much precaution, they just teach you how to use the stuff for a couple of minutes and then after that, you can go climbing! The Alaska Rock Gym doesn’t just have rock climbing, you can work out and do yoga there and, it’s just a regular gym but with rock climbing as the main activity.

How could I ever forget sports? Lots of students at Dimond participate in sports, and whether that may be going to tryouts, going to actual games, or just playing with their friends in your backyard. Sports is a good weekend activity to do or any day of the week. If you plan on being a pro athlete when you grow up, why not progress your skills by doing it more frequently? I hope you found a weekend hobby, because you deserve that time off from your homework, studying, and after-school curriculums.