Keeping Our Environment Green

Many people talk about how they wish the world could be a better, cleaner and greener place, but few actually put those ideas into action.


Green Effects is a club at Dimond which puts the idea of “Reuse, reduce and recycle” into direct application.


Many at our school probably know Green Effects from their persistent day to day actions of recycling, and having recycling bins be put into every classroom. They collect all the recycling trash every Tuesday to transfer to the recycling dumpster. Students and faculty alike have taken a liking to this outgoing, environmentally sustainable club.


Senior Janessa Fosi, the president of Green Effects is very passionate about her work in this club and recycling in general.


Fosi, along with the rest of Green Effects, informs students and faculty about recycling to maintain a “healthier, green environment.”


Fosi said that she’s working hard to implement a collaboration with a big corporation called Terracycle that takes unique materials such as gum wrappers, pencils; the typical “non-recyclable” materials, and makes them recyclable.


Something Fosi said she learned in her time being in Green Effects is that, “Much trash we think is not recyclable, actually is.”


Senior Destiny Tanuvasa, another member in Green Effects is very active with being sustainable and environmentally responsible even outside of the club.


Tanuvasa and other Green Effects members make sure that they try to personally recycle, and that recycling bins are in every classroom.


Green Effects is a mostly recycling oriented club, and Tanuvasa, along with the other members, are very proactive about getting the word out.


They encourage other students and faculty about the benefit of recycling and just keeping our Earth as blue and green as possible.


Tanuvasa personally is very against waste and believes that nearly everything can be reused once again for other things. Her statement, “Not everything is trash,” voices this very well.


Tanuvasa takes action against pollution and embraces environmentally helpful actions such as buying products such as Dawn soap which donates money to help clean up the oil spill and animals that were involved as well.


Tanuvasa also puts recycling bins in her mother’s work. Can you say: dedicated?


Tanuvasa said she has also learned that, “Instead of putting stuff into the trash can, we want to tell people to put it in the recycling bin.”


A simple change in your actions can make a big difference. Such as the products you purchase like soap, detergent, clothes, electronics, makeup, and food.


Even if you can’t do everything, you should never shy away from doing nothing at all, because all those efforts combined with others can make a difference worldwide.


This mentality is what keeps the members of the Green Effects club striving to do better at being environmentally responsible and encouraging others to do the same.