Student Government Gives Students Input, Organizes Activities

Student Government is an organization of student leaders. They tackle anything from school dances to assemblies.

They make decisions that affect the whole school, including spirit days.

There is more to this organization than most people realize. Many teachers put forth their time as class sponsors, for example.

English teacher Kristen Melican has been a class sponsor for 15 years. She keeps track of all the senior activities like senior meetings and t-shirts.

Melican works with Kathleen Navarre to help coordinate graduation.

Melican said, “I love watching the seniors go through this experience and we do a really great job of making the seniors feel special.”

Melican also works with Missy Nurmi a Dimond Social Studies teacher, who is the other senior class sponsor who oversees Senior Fun Day.

Student Government also does a great job of getting the students’ opinion for certain things. Student forum meets every month to discuss past events and input on further activities.
Social Studies teacher Lem Wheeles, Student Government advisor, is in charge of helping and organizing all the activities student government is in charge of.

“I get to work with some of the most spirited, energetic and creative student leaders in this school,” said Wheeles.

Presidents Council is where selected students get to meet with the principal, Cheryl Guyett.

Wheeles said, “We do a good job of representing what the students want.”

In addition to planning activities for the school, Dimond Student Government also gives back to the community.

They volunteer at events such as elementary school carnivals, Providence Extended C


are and many more facilities in the community.

Each grade in the organization has certain responsibilities. Sophomores take charge of Sadie Hawkins, while seniors do Crystal Ball and juniors lead Prom.

Freshmen do not have a dance assigned to them because they are still new to the class.

Most students and staff at Dimond do not realize everything Student Government does for the school.

Dances, floats, assemblies and quick hitters would not exist without the help of these motivated student leaders.

Last year, juniors and sophomores from Student Government attended Alaska Association of Student Government. Student Governments from regions all over Alaska are welcome to attend.

AASG is basically a conference to discuss amendments and other problems concerning education all over the state.

The class nominates three people from the class to attend SAB, which is student advisory board, where the students meet with representatives from the school board.

Senior Austin Osborne, student body president, said he “likes that students get a say in the decision making in the school”.

Osborne is also ready to help the juniors out with Prom, because it is a very hard task to handle. He is also excited about graduation and other senior activities.