“Her” Is Movie with a Difference

This last January, director Spike Jonze created an experience that was never imagined or lived before.

Jonze is the director of “Her,” which stars Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson as the main, and highly experienced, cast.

“Her” made $23 million at the box office and 97.7 percent of those ticket sales came from the United States while only 2.3 percent came from other countries.

Phoenix plays as Theodore, a hard working writer that stresses day to day with the task socializing and the environment that he is constantly around.

Out of the blue, Theodore makes the decision of buying the newest operating system, thus finding himself in a deep relationship with Samantha (the operating system).

“I saw ‘Her’ the second week it came out, and I was completely surprised,” said Junior Kyle Stone. “It was really different… but I still liked it. I think that is what made it so cool. When movies are different than others, you always remember them.”

“Her” was known as “one of the most unique movies of the year” according to Rotten Tomatoes.

What also contributes to the uniqueness of the film is the way it chose to end.

“I did not see the ending coming at all,” said Stone. “It was just an insane ending to such a simple kind of movie.”

“Her” was nominated for five Oscar awards.

Even though many people enjoyed it, a good number of people had its negative opinions about it.

“I thought the movie was downright weird,” said Senior Amber Prather. “It made no sense, I was just confused the whole time. It was just a weird movie. Definitely one I wouldn’t see on a date. No way.”

What seems to make people feel that way could be because of the artistic style and way the movie was filmed.

“I mean yeah it could have been like unique, but still way too weird to appeal to everyone,” Said Prather.

If anything, it may just take the most enthusiastic movie goer to actually find a great interest in this unique creation.

So this movie is highly recommended to those that enjoy a diverse amount of movies.

“I think I just really love all movies,” said Sophomore Abby David. “I do admit that it was a weird one, but I think that’s what made it so cool. I like it when movies are different than others, it makes it more interesting that way.”