Senior Spotlight: Zayn Roohi

It’s not often a senior class, nor an entire school, experiences a student like Zayn Roohi.

“He’s the best,” said Dimond junior Remmington Morris.

“I’ve ran with him since my freshman year and he’s not only a great student, but just a stand up guy overall.”

Roohi was featured on the 2014 Prom court for his achievements within his high school career, attaining a 4.0 plus GPA.

Roohi is also well known for his achievements in Cross Country Running and Track, where he has continued to lead the team with his “energy and focus,” according to Morris.

Morris continued to say, “Zayn will forever be one of my favorite people, and it’s sad to see him go. We’ve grown a lot over the past three years, and I know he’s gonna do great things not just in college, but even after that.”

It’s not hard to see why Roohi receives such praise from his peers.

“I came into Freshman year hoping I would leave a mark, and I guess I did,” a humble Roohi had to say.

“I know high school isn’t going to matter that much in the long run, but hopefully the people I was with enjoyed the ride.”

Roohi has been known for his accomplishments in film over the past couple years, creating his own YouTube channel called “Bizzaypro.”

“It’s a passion,” Roohi said when asked about what prompted him to create the channel.

“Arslan and I just kind of came up with the idea one day. We’re both pretty funny people, and we wanted other people to see just how funny we thought we were.”

Arslan Malik is a Dimond High senior and is known as Roohi’s partner in crime, and they have been best friends throughout high school.

“Our biggest success so far has been our ‘HONK IF I’M UGLY’ video we uploaded in April [2014]. People seemed to love it, and it got so much attention that we got to show it in DNL this year” said Malik.

“Will we continue making these after high school? Maybe. We’ll enjoy it while it lasts and see where it goes. You know what they say, ‘all good things must come to an end’.”

But is it the videos and the athletic accomplishments that get Zayn his recognition? Or is it just his personality in general?

“He’s just a great guy all around,” said Dimond junior Stefani Chase.

“Any time I needed help, he was always first to respond. And he was always right,” Chase continued to say.

Chase was in French class for three years during Roohi’s duration at Dimond which is coming to an end.

“It’s tough to see such a great guy go, but obviously he’s going on to do much bigger and better things.”

“It’s been a great ride. I’m sad to leave, but it’s time for my life to begin,” was all Roohi had to say when asked about how he felt about graduating.

Roohi has graced the halls of Dimond High School over these past four short years, and will continue to represent the lynx in all that he achieves.