Yearbook Students Work Hard, Have Fun

There are lots of great option for another elective, but yearbook is definitely one to consider.

Yearbook is a sixth period elective class taught by Art teacher Cullen Lickingteller.

He has only been teaching this class for three years, but said he believes it has been around for quite awhile.

Lickingteller said, “ this is a very stressful class to teach, but I also enjoy it.”

Each student in the class is assigned two or three pages to do. They each have deadlines that they have to meet for each page.

They have to find or take pictures for their pages, as well as design it with all the details.

The students are each responsible for reaching their own deadlines. If they don’t, it puts pressure on Lickingteller as well as the student.

“Its a fun class as long as you are willing to work hard when its needed”, said Llickingteller.

There are lots of people that have been in this class for two or three years.

The deadline for each page  is to help make time for Lickingteller to review it as well as the student editor.

There is a student editor that looks over everything and one that checks all the writing and grammar.

Lickingteller has to look through it then hand it on to all the administrators to review as well.

The student editor that looks through the whole yearbook and helps other students out is Junior Allie Epke.

The student editor is voted on at the end of the previous year. For the last two years the student editor has been Mckenzie French who graduated last year.

“I oversee all the work that goes on and also help schedule meetings for senior pages,” said Epke.

“I can also help people if they need help designing or thinking of a layout of their page.”

Epke has taken the class since freshman year.

The student that edits all the grammar is Junior Samantha Baltierra.

All of this has to be done before spring break so yearbooks can be handed out before the end of the year.

For all students the yearbooks are handed out the day after Senior Fun Day.

The senior pages are only due in early January. Although, there is the early bird special where everything has to be turned in by September.

Sophomore Allison Schafer said, ”I love yearbook. It’s such a fun environment and there’s always lots of food.”

She would definitely do it again next year if she could.

This year Shafer is doing the DDF page, senior fun page and senior parade page.

DDF stands for drama debate and forensics. It is a club that also goes to competitions. Schafer was required to get pictures of them in action at their activities.

For these two senior pages, they were two events that happened last year so she just had to choose which pictures she wanted and design the page.

Sophomore Sydney Tomuro said, “ I like yearbook because you get to learn a lot about photoshop and cameras.”

She enjoys taking pictures around the school.

This is Schafers and Tomuros first year taking this class.