New Club Fosters Careers in Business

There are several clubs at Dimond High School and one of the new clubs is Business Club.

The interest in this club has been rapidly growing and posters have been all over the school so it is time to take a look at this new club.

Senior Grant Jurasek said,“I am head of sales so I help keep track of profits and make sure people are doing their part. My favorite part of business club is being with all the great people in the club. All of them are so kind and ambitious.

“The meetings are very productive. We are working very hard on making profits and doing something productive with the club. Mr.[Derek] Brewer has been really great for letting us use his room every Tuesday at lunch,” Jurasek said.

Sophomore Andrew Hampton said,“My position in the club is head of advertising so I make sure that posters look good and think of new ways for people to find out about business club.

“I think Business Club could be improved by having more people to sell even more products and make a larger profit. We have already started selling popcorn after school to make some money and I think that is something we will be doing every Friday to make profits,” Hampton said.

Junior Adam Ripley said,”I am the president of Business Club. I make sure everything is running smoothly and I make sure that everyone is doing their part well so that we can be successful. I started Business Club because I want a career in business so I wanted to get an early start and get some practice.

“I got the idea because several of my friends are interested in business as well and we wanted other people to learn about business. I think this club could be very successful. Hopefully it will keep growing even after we graduate,” Ripley said.

Social Studies teacher Derek Brewer said, “The first kids that started the club had a real vision. I used to be an entrepreneur as well so sometimes when they are stuck on an idea they will turn to me and ask me my opinion. They wanted a helpful outcome for the Dimond community. They all have driven personalities in a positive way.

“I offer space for them to have the club but other than that they run everything on their own. The students do a great job at running it and they are so self driven. All of them know what they want to do with their future and they are a pleasure to work with,” Brewer said.

The business club meetings are every Tuesday during upperclassman lunch and applications are not needed in order to join this brand new club.