Weird Winter Weather Limits Outdoor Activities

In the winter of 2012/2013, Anchorage received an unprecedented 232 days of snowfall resulting in day after frigid day of winter, which lasted well into May, according to the Alaska Dispatch News.  This year?  We’re lucky to get a couple inches of snow every few weeks.

Senior Ryan Roberts, who is very disappointed in the turnout this season, said, “Man I haven’t gotten to do any of the winter stuff that I love.  I haven’t gotten to snowboard much at all this winter and drifting is horrible right now.”

“This has been pretty great, actually,” said Ethan Kwon, sophomore.  “I just got my driver’s license, and without snow and ice constantly all over the roads, it’s been pretty nice easing into it.”
Some Dimond students voiced their concern regarding the unusual climate change.

“I’m not sure that this abrupt change in weather and temperature is very good for the animals,” said Senior James Janezich.  “When geese were supposed to fly south, they stayed longer than usual and were wandering around town looking very confused.  I also saw a bear up on the hillside that had apparently been woken up from its hibernation.”

Snow removal businesses haven’t been needed nearly as frequently as they typically are.  Many people whose main source of income came from the snowfall have had to scramble in search of a seasonal occupation.

“I used to shovel my driveway a few times a week all winter and was able to make a good amount of money,” said Jakob Blees, sophomore.  “Now, I’ve only been able to do that a few times.”

“I’m just glad I don’t have to shovel this year,” said Senior Lauren Cole.  “It’s the first time in years I haven’t spent with an aching back from all that work.”

Lakes previously used as ice-skating rinks, sledding hills, snow machine tracks and ski spots are all shockingly sparsely populated.

Since the weather has been so uncharacteristic, many now opt to stay indoors instead of even attempting to entertain themselves outdoors.

“I went to Jewel Lake last weekend with my friends hoping to have a little hockey game, but it was super bumpy all over the surface and it was completely abandoned,” said Tyler Dunn, senior.  “We stayed all of 20 minutes before calling it quits and heading back to the truck.”

“It was actually kind of nice that the ice wasn’t great for skating,” said Senior Mampei Fujimoto.  “It makes ice fishing, which I do with my brother, much more bearable.”

Does this weather have any serious implications on the future of Anchorage?

“I think that it’s just warm tropical winds being blown our way,” said Senior Callum Toohey.  “No harm in a little hot air. I bet that by this time next year, it will be completely back to normal here.”

“The only worry I’ve had is that it will cool down again and go back to a normal Alaskan winter temperature,” said Kwon.