Japanese Immersion Marks 25 Years At Dimond

This year Dimond High school is celebrating 25 years of participating in the  Japanese Immersion program.

The Japanese Immersion has had a large impact on Dimond.

Sophomore Kelsey Eagle is in Honors Japanese at the moment, and said, “I really like that Japanese is a part of everyday classes. I am glad that I end my day at school with a fun class like Japanese.”

Eagle continued, I hope that we have some type of celebration to celebrate 25 years of Japanese Immersion. I can’t believe it has been going on for that long.

Most teachers that have been working as Japanese instructors are a big part of the Japanese graduation ceremony.

Japanese teacher Victoria Gellert has been working at Dimond for 17 years.

Gellert said, “I have loved working as a Japanese Teacher at Dimond. I have taught all levels of Japanese, whether it’s Level 1 Japanese or immersion Japanese.”

Gellert has been at Dimond for a very long time and also taught the very first graduating class of Japanese Immersion students.

Gellert said, “It was so exciting getting to watch the first graduating class of Japanese Immersion students, and I hope the program continues to last beyond this 25- year mark.”

Gellert also said, “We are planning some type of celebration for the 25- year mark of the Japanese Immersion but I’m not sure what the specifics are for it.”

Sophomore Jade Devon said, “I like being in Japanese Immersion because my class is a mix of all different types of Japanese levels and grades. I have gotten to know many new seniors and upperclassmen that I am good friends with now.”

Devon said, “Another thing I like about Japanese is that I can have a lot more opportunities for college since I have been in the program.”

One interesting thing about Japanese immersion is that interns from Japan come to Alaska and help in all levels of Japanese classes.

They usually stay with a host family that has a student enrolled in Dimond.

The Japanese interns are a big help in fluent classes, and they also get a chance to experience America.

These interns can range from all ages whether it is a Japanese host student or a Japanese intern.

They can also choose to stay either full year or just a semester at Dimond.

Junior Alaina Moore said, “My favorite part about being in Japanese Immersion is all of the exciting competitions that my class gets to participate in. One thing I am doing this weekend is the Declamation Contest, which is a contest  where students give speeches and compete against other schools.”

Moore continued, “I also like that I am in a class with all of my very close friends since we have all been studying Japanese since elementary school.”

Although there is not a set date, all Japanese Immersion students and faculty are very excited to be celebrating 25 years of Japanese Immersion.