Senior Spotlight: Tanya Charoonsophonsak

Tanya Charoonsophonsak is a senior at AJ Dimond High School and she has accomplished many achievements as well as making some good friends along her four years here.

Her friends and teachers have nothing but good things to say about her and see a bright future for Charoonsophonsak, and even helped her to see that to.

Charoonsophonsak describes her past four years at Dimond as “memorable,” and she has shared a lot of good memories with her friends. One of these friends is Senior Hayden Hansen.

Hansen and Charoonsophonsak have been friends these last few years. Hansen says “Tanya is an admirable person, and a good friend” and  that “she’s an idol to [him],” referring to her diligence and academic achievements.

One of her former English teachers, Rebecca Norsworthy says that she is a “wonderful student” and says that she knows  [Charoonsophonsak] will do well whatever she ends up doing”

Charoonsophonsak has been praised by all sources and has shown to be a selfless person.

Charoonsophonsak says that after she graduates from high school she has plans to go into the medical field at the University of Anchorage Alaska.

She says that she is definitely hoping to become a nurse practitioner. She  tells me that she took a liking to the career “because [she] likes helping people.”

Among other things, Charoonsophonsak has been in Dimond’s Key Club these last few years as well. One of her biggest achievements at Dimond, she says, is when she became Lieutenant Governor of Key Club.

She has been in the school’s Key Club since her freshman year here. She “wanted to follow into [her] older brother’s footsteps,” and says, “it has become an extremely huge and time absorbing part of [her] life.”

She says that she has quite enjoyed being a part of such a vast and caring organization, and that despite the amounts of  time that she has put into her volunteer work, she says that she “wouldn’t take back any of it.”

Charoonsophonsak said that she has enjoyed her well spent time at Dimond over the course of four years. She has learned to grow better confidence in herself through her involvement in Key Club.

She even got out of her comfort zone and branched out into new types of classes that she normally would not take. She says that doing this helped her to connect with others and has influenced her in life. She has met many friends through the club as well.

Charoonsophonsak says that a good student tries to reach out and help the community to learn more about diversity. In doing that, that student becomes more diverse themselves.

Charoonsophonsak is an optimist and a great role model at Dimond,  according to Hansen and Norsworthy as well as many others it has not gone unnoticed.