Senior Spotlight: Tian Ah You

Tian Ah You is one of Dimond’s amazing seniors who will soon be leaving these walls on to bigger and better things.

However, one must not forget all that she has accomplished and achieved while here at Dimond.

She has spent the past four years working hard and staying involved in all that this school has to offer.

Keeping busy, Ah You has participated in Key Club, National Honor Society, Model United Nations, Business Club and the tennis team.

She has also completed the Japanese Immersion Program and shall be receiving the cord at graduation along with her Honor Grad cord.

Ah You has truly loved her high school experience, reflecting with joy in her eyes.

“It has been pretty fun. I’m going to miss my friends and teachers. I worked really hard and was able to take a lot of classes that I was interested in.”

She continued, saying, “I really enjoyed finding new things that I didn’t know I liked, whether that was through academics, sports or clubs. Also meeting teachers and friends that have changed my life.”

Ah You has many close friends who love and admire her.

Senior Julie DuClos, who has been friends with Ah You since freshman year, said, “Tian is a very upbeat person. She never lets things get her down, and she always finds the best side of a situation. We have lots of inside jokes, and we have a lot of shared experiences that forges our strong bond.”

Senior Tami Suenram said, “We’re Clash of Clans buddies. She has such a beautiful smile, and she is a great friend. Tian is my best friend.”

Christine Peterson, a senior at Dimond, said, “Tian is funny and smart. She always has a way of making me laugh no matter what we are doing. She is is kinda shy, but really friendly. Tian is a great person.”

Senior Darby Judd said, “Tian is one of the nicest, caring and honest friends I have.”

Senior Elizabeth Randall has done a lot with Ah You throughout the years and has grown quite close to her.

“I’ve loved being friends with Tian these past few years.  We’ve done a lot together from sophomore classes to volunteering for the Heart Run, and I really appreciate her humor and sincerity.”

Ah You will be majoring in business at the University of Pittsburgh in the fall and is excited for the new adventures to come.

“Hopefully, I will be traveling. I want to learn Spanish in college and hopefully I will be able to go to a bunch of different places and experience new cultures for my job,” Ah You said.

Her friends also see her being very successful.

DuClos said, “I see her successfully practicing whatever she chooses to pursue.”

Peterson said, “I see her being a successful international businesswoman.”

Ah You is surely going to do wonderfully in all that she does in the future and her presence will be dearly missed here at Dimond.