Dimond Musicians Look Forward to Hawaii Festival

Pacific Rim International Music Festival is a concert for choir and band that takes place in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dimond band teacher Jason Edwards, says, “Schools across the Pacific Rim like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Coast of Alaska and some states in the Lower 48 like Washington  come to perform.”

This trip happens once every three to four years. This year the Fine Arts groups are going during the fourth week of March.

“Last year I spoke with the orchestra teacher, Mrs. Tornfelt, and the choir teacher, Mrs. Black, who is the new choir teacher and she wanted to go. We made a deposit and decided to have lots of fundraisers for smaller payments,” Edwards said.

Multi-family garage sales, pop concerts and frozen foods are some of the fundraisers the Fine Arts groups had.

The cost of the trip is $1,600. It is not a competitive performance.

“It’s not a first, second or third competition. It’s a scored, evaluated competition with ourselves. The Command Performance Award happens during the final concert,” said Edwards.

He also mentioned that over 100 students may be attending the event.

Some of the students are very excited for this trip

Choir Student Zoe Stockton said, “I am extremely excited about going! It’s not every year you get a chance to sing in Hawaii!”

This is Stockton’s first year in the choir program. She mentioned that they practice constantly for this event.

“We practice everyday in class and sometimes we have after school practices for concerts and special events,” Stockton said.

She also mentioned that although her family is not going, other choir members families may accompany them.

She also said that she really enjoys the choir program and will continue singing after high school.

“Choir is an acquired taste. If you don’t enjoy singing and dancing then it is definitely not for you.” Stockton said.

This is her first time participating in a school trip outside of the state.

“This is an experience I’ll never forget,” Stockton says.