Dimond Students Share Favorite Cell Phone Games

Throughout the school day there are many students on their cellular devices. What are these students doing on their phones?

Some students may be texting, or on social media but there are also a large number of students that are playing games.

Ryan Perius, a senior at Dimond High school, said, “I never go on my phone when I’m not allowed to, but when I do I am almost always playing 1010. Occasionally I might switch and play Swipe Brick Breaker. These games are good because they are time consuming yet easy to multitask.”

“One of my favorite apps is called Stockfuse. This is a game where you are given fake money to invest in different stocks. It uses the real stock market so it’s very educational and purposeful. I will hopefully get an understanding of the stock market and potentially make a lot of money when I get older.”

Chris Gardeline, a graduate of Dimond High School and now a freshman at Lindenwood Belleville University, said, “I try not to play too many games now that I’m in college. I’m very busy with school work and football. I still like to play Clash Royale because I’ve been playing it for a long time but other than that I try not to.”

Jaiden Gibson, a junior at Dimond High School, said, “I’m on my phone the entire day. I still play a lot of Iphone games at my house as well. I go in stages. I will play a game for a while until I get burned out of it then move on to another one.”

“Lately I have been playing a lot of 8 Ball Pool. It’s so much fun to play and compete against your friends. I think that’s one of the main reasons why I play games on my phone is to compete against friends and try to beat their best scores. However I’m sure in a few weeks there will be a new and better game that I will be playing”

“The game I’ve been playing the longest is Madden Mobile. I have playing this game for years. I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of this one.”

There are many games that used to be popular but went away for a while and now are coming back. 8 Ball Pool and the Fun Run games are great examples of that.

There are people all over the school that are playing games. A lot of the games may be popular for a few weeks and then die out eventually.

Dylan Montagna, a senior at Dimond High School, said, “I love to play Tap Sports Baseball. I always play against the other baseball boys. Our group always plays this game on trips, team lunches, anywhere we can hangout basically.”

“I also like to play 8 Ball Pool but since it won’t work on my phone I’m forced to play another version of a pool game but it is still fun.”

There are many games that seem to be played these days. It seems though that most games are popular for a while and then eventually people stop playing them.