Vintage Trend Takes Dimond Back in Time

This year the students of Dimond High School have resurrected styles from the 1950s to today.

Jeans skirts, double buns, high-waisted jeans, John Lennon-style glasses, huge sweaters and thrift shopping are all coming back into popularity.

Students have even given these clothing items their own terms, including calling old fashioned jeans “mom jeans,” and calling the hairstyle double buns, “space buns.”

Whether students at Dimond are personally involved in the trend or not interested in the style, they have all come across it and watched it explode in their school.

Chris Loudon, a sophomore at Dimond, said, “I think it’s weird but whatever floats your boat. I’m not going to judge someone based on what they wear because it’s all just a personal choice. If you want to wear stuff my grandma wears, you do that.”

That may seem like a funny concept, wearing clothing one’s grandparents used to wear, however, this is a large part of what the trend really is.

Silver hair dye has recently become an enormous fashion statement, appearing on models in Paris Fashion Week and Vogue Magazine.

Although the hair color is silver, not grey, it is commonly associated with the grey hair of elders because it is a large statement piece in the throwback trends of today.

Kalimah Toney, a senior at Dimond, said, “I had silver hair all throughout my junior year and it was really fun. I felt like it matched with everything it my closet and when I began wearing more clothes I found at thrift shops I basically just became the school’s vintage trend mascot.”

Many students also considered Kalimah the epitome of the trend.

Leona Joo, a junior at Dimond, said, “Kalimah was the first girl I knew that began wearing space buns and mom jeans. I’m not into the trend, I find the clothes to seem very unprofessional and baggy, but I love the way Kalimah is confident enough to wear whatever she wants. The trend is actually pretty bold, it takes guts to see a throwback outfit and decided to wear it to school the next day.”

Even though many students at Dimond follow whatever trends are popular at the time, some students never really related to current fashion until this trend came along.

Hal Suniga, a junior at Dimond, said, “ I’m into the vintage trend more than any of the past trends that have come through Dimond. I love overalls, clothes with 90s patterns, dad hats and large glasses.

“I think these trends are coming back today because the looks are really aesthetic and a lot of people are starting to bring back vintage clothing by buying from thrift stores and places like forever 21 are starting to make lines of clothes similar to what was popular in the 90s. My style is pretty much a mix between the two,” continued Suniga.

As the school year progresses it will be exciting to see which trends come and go; it’s very likely that this trend, however, is here to stay.