Dimond Students Stay Informed

Dimond students acknowledge that staying informed is crucial in today’s world.

Students know being informed will help them stay connected to decisions and events that will affect their everyday life.  They aspire to make  future life choices based on what is happening both inside and outside the country.

At Dimond, students draw their news from many different place and formats, such as  social media, television or newspapers. Each person has an opinion on which sources are reliable and which they wouldn’t trust.

Some students pay more attention to the news than others, and often  just find it more interesting.

Winnie Combs, a Dimond senior says, “While it is important to stay informed on what is going on around you and in your world, the new is simply interesting.  Faster than before we can see and here the events in the world, from terrorist attacks to royal weddings to charity work in third world countries.

“Before, it took weeks, even months to hear any news, and now all it takes is a couple clicks on our phone. It’s extremely convenient,” Combs said.

Joe Tung, a senior, said, “I usually pay attention to the news, mostly international because I find it the most exciting.”

Tung mostly uses outlets such as CNN, NBC and NPR.

However, Tung doesn’t trust all sites for credible news.

“I wouldn’t use sites like ‘The Onion’, ‘Reddit’ or ‘Twitter’.”

He does not believe that it is important for students to stay as informed.

“We don’t make a decisions that make a difference yet,” Tung said.

While other students religiously follow news sources and current events,  Reese Kodama, grade 12, says, “I sometimes pay attention to the news, when it seems like it is real”

Kodama sometimes distrusts the news because it can be difficult to tell between the real stories and complete falsehoods, which he finds troubling.

He usually trusts the outlet “Fox News” for a majority of his news.

Unlike Tung, Kodama believes that it is vital that the students at Dimond stay informed of current events, saying, “It’s important because they’re going to be living in the country, and making decisions that will affect it in the near future”.

Every student at Dimond has their own opinions and beliefs, and these contrasting opinions can make them stronger as a whole.

Most get their news online, but it may be from one of the  many hundreds of sources available. All students have sites that they trust to deliver accurate and trustworthy news.

On the other hand, they also have sites that they don’t trust anymore or have heard are false, and therefore have  blacklisted them in their minds.

The idea of differing beliefs is even apparent in the opinion of whether or not students being informed is important.

On one hand, some students think that because we are all students and may be years away from voting or making an impact.  As a result it is not possible for us to make any differences, so there is no importance  in reading and learning about what is happening around us.

On the other hand, others consider  it extremely important for students to learn about the world and everything that is going on in it, because soon we will all be adults, and we will be the ones who can make a difference.

Some students will always want their news, and they will get it from everywhere.