Dimond Students Value Partners Club Friendships

There are many clubs at Dimond High School, but not many people can say there is a better club to join than Partners Club.

Taylor Ditzner, a senior at Dimond, said, “This is my fourth year being an active member of Partners Club.”

Savannah Zimmerman, a senior at Dimond, said “I was in Partners Club my sophomore year and now this year.”

It can be hard to put yourself out there and join a club, and sometimes you don’t even hear about them.

Ditzner said, “I heard about Partners Club from Coach Winkler. He was my football coach my freshman year, so naturally he encouraged us to attended events.”

Julia Alfano, a junior at Dimond, said, “I have been in Partners Club since my sophomore year. I heard about Partners Club from kids in the school already involved and sounded like a fun thing to be a part of.”

Zimmerman said, “I heard about it from football players in my first hour class sophomore year. I also heard it on the announcements.”

Ditzner said,  “Partners club is an organization designed for students with or without disabilities to form healthy friendships and develop leadership skills.”

Alfano described Partners Club as, “an organization where students with and without disabilities get an opportunity to build friendships, skills, and participate in fun activities together.”

Partners Club members have a lot of different activities that they participate in throughout the year.

Ditzner said, “There are a number of activities Partners Club participates in aside from the regular Friday meetings. Every year Dimond competes with other schools in Special Olympics events that include bowling, floor hockey and weightlifting.”

Alfano said, “Every Friday we play all different sports in the little gym. We went to Jewel Lake Bowl and then Eagle River Bowl where Dimond took third in the Special Olympics Partners Club bowling with schools from all over the state. Next semester there is a floor hockey tournament.”

Partners Club is a great way to make friends and talk to people you would not normally talk to.

Ditzner said, “My favorite part about Partners Club is the energy of the students involved. During interscholastic events, students from all schools are excited to meet and compete with each other.”

Alfano said, “My favorite part is making friendships with some amazing people and having fun while doing so.”

Zimmerman said, “My favorite part is spending time with all the students, I also enjoy being a part of the special community at Dimond.”

Students involved in Partners Club value their friendships and skills they have made.

Zimmerman said, “Partners Club motto is ‘Be a partner. Be a friend.’”

They are able to make a lot of memories that will last them a lifetime.

Alfano said, “My favorite memory in Partners Club was making it to the championship round in bowling and having our team finish third overall.”

Ditzner said, “My favorite memory from Partners Club is working coat check at Night to Shine, which is a nationwide event that encourages students with disabilities to attend prom. The students involved were very enthusiastic about their opportunity to dress up and dance with their peers.”

Partners Club has taught a lot of students valuable life lessons.

Zimmerman said, “I’ve learned to be a kinder and nicer person to everyone despite any differences there may be.”

She said, “My younger brother has autism and that has also affected how I treat everyone at school and in my community. I enjoy making their lives more exciting and it is also really rewarding for me to treat people the way I think everyone should be treated, with respect and no discrimination. I see no difference between me and other students.”

Alfano said, “A good life lesson Partners Club has taught me is to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. I would 100 percent recommend everyone for Partners Club. It is a great way to grow as an individual and together as a student body here at Dimond high.”