Glee Club Continues to Grow and Change

Glee Club started out as a new club last year, and is continuing to grow and change this school year.

Savanna Moore, a junior and member of Glee Club, said, “[Meetings are] on Fridays from two to three, so that freshmen can be a part of it too.”

Nestor Cunanan, a senior and the club’s founder, said, “Basically we created Glee Club to reach out to those people who don’t have the space in their schedule to join the fine arts program, to reach out to them and just [to] people that have the same passion as us [for] music and performing.”

Grace Schutte, also a junior and member of the club, said, “[People who] like music, but don’t want to be in choir, or band, or orchestra, they don’t have [as] much of a commitment, but they can still come here and make fun music.”

Moore said, “Right now we’re working on a cover of some songs, and we’re going to be performing them at the Crystal Ball assembly.

“We basically we do covers of songs that Nestor arranges, he usually does mash ups, so like a couple songs put together, and then we sing them for people or we record them and put them on Twitter or something [else].”

About performing their songs, Schutte said, “So usually we perform at assemblies, and since we’re a new club, we haven’t really gotten a set outside of school location to perform yet, but last year we did perform at the Blue Hollomon gallery during First Friday, and I don’t know what we have planned for this year but yeah, pretty much assemblies and small galleries in town.”

Moore said, “Performing at Crystal Ball [assembly] last year was a lot of fun.”

“It’s a lot of fun because it’s not like choral music, which is what we do in choir, it’s more like pop music, and it’s just like [more] fun stuff.”

Cunanan said, “My favorite part is just seeing everyone improve, because some people come in here and they’re shy and they don’t want to sing, or [it’s] not that they don’t want to sing [but] they don’t want to sing out, like they don’t want to be heard.

“But I just like seeing people come out of their shell and just learn to be comfortable in front of people, in front of everyone, [and] to sing with each other, that’s my favorite thing, just having this whole group in this club.”

Schutte said, “I think that my favorite thing that we’ve done so far was last year, at first we had this huge group, like lots of people, but then people left or they just stopped coming, and then it got down to [where] it was like less than 10 people, but then we still stuck it out and we had this great performance and the music was great, the harmonies were on point and it was just really fun.”

Cunanan said, “Despite our shrinking, like shrinking in numbers, we just kept intact, and still did our thing.”

Glee Club requires its new members to audition when they join.

Moore said, “There are no cuts, but you still have to audition.

“You just have to sing any song of your choice for 30 seconds, a cappella or with accompaniment, just so that we can see how advanced you are, and then also place you in a certain part for your voice, so like soprano, alto, tenor, [or] bass.”

The club has also grown since the end of last year, and Moore said, “Right now [we have] probably about 40 [members].”

Regarding the future of Glee Club, Cunanan said, “To be honest, we’re just starting out, so I see, well I’m graduating this year by the way, [but] I just see great things for Glee Club, to be honest.

“It’s consistent, it’s going to be consistent, it’s going to follow the same system we’re trying to build this year, because last year we didn’t have much of a system, we mostly winged everything basically.

“So this year were like trying to create a system, [and] every system has its flaws, but we’re truly creating a flow that we can follow throughout [the future].

“For next year I’m still going to help out because there’s still seniors from last year that were in Glee and they still help out, we call them the ‘Glee Shadow,’ and they come by and they help out with either sections or helping me arrange music, cause we arrange our own music here.”