Senior Spotlight: Jahnna Hajdukovich

Some kids get overwhelmed during their senior year of high school, but not so much for senior Jahnna Hajdukovich.

Hajdukovich starts her weekdays off by going to workout before her first class starts.

After Hajdukovich school day she goes and works out again.

Most students do not work out twice a day, every day, but Hajdukovich has a reason for all her hard work.

Hajdukovich had an announcement in which she said, “I am attending UAA on basketball scholarship and I hope to become a children’s doctor or skin doctor.”  

Hajdukovich is also going to Dimond boys open gym to get more time on the court getting ready for her final season of high school basketball.

Hajdukovich started her basketball career when she was just five years old.

Hajdukovich parents both played at UAA for basketball and now Hajdukovich will continue the legacy of the Hadjukovich’s playing basketball for UAA.

Hajdukovich’s parents said, “She is a great student athlete and she has always been great at balancing her school with sports. As a child Jahnna was always so joyful and sweet even when she could be kind of a headache sometimes, but she was always smiling. Her love for basketball started at a very young age and she has only gotten better.”

Hajdukovich comes from a big family of six including her parents. But has much more family back in Fairbanks.

Hajdukovich’s mother said, “She is very close with her brothers and they are all like best friends she is such a great big sister and we are very proud of her.”

Hajdukovich’s best friend, Victoria Hines said, “ I’ve known Jahnna for about a year and a half. She is very outgoing, fun, has a great personality and gets along with everyone. We had AP lang together last year and just clicked from when we started to hangout and have been best friends since. What I love most about Jahnna is how kind she is, how she is always there for you when you need her most and how hard she works for what she wants.”

Hajdukovich has gotten through the stressful times with all her support from her family and friends.

In Hadjukovich’s free time she hangs out with her family, plays with her dog(named Deeda), or goes to the gym and shoots hoops.

Hajdukovich said, “ When I first came to Dimond I was super nervous because I was coming into a bigger school where I only knew a few people. In Fairbanks I knew everyone because my family has lived there for so many years and my family is so big. It was super hard to leave because I don’t have all my cousins down here, but it was definitely worth it. I love the people here and I love the basketball, and now that I look back on it I would never change anything that has happened to me.”

Hajdukovich also mentioned, “ I am very excited for this season and I want to win state for sure!”

Hajdukovich and her teammates got 2nd last year at state against Wasilla High school.

Hajdukovich’s teammate, Senior Megan Luther said, “I knew of Jahnna from her playing in Fairbanks and playing against her and I knew she was a very good player but didn’t know her personally. But when Jahnna came to Dimond I got to know her. Jahnna is a very cheerful and supportive teammate, she picks you up when you’re feeling down and she’s also the loudest on the team(which is a great thing). I really like playing with her on a team because she is a great leader, player and just a great person overall.”

Hajdukovich is planning on focusing all on basketball and school for her last year of high school at Dimond high and making memories that she will remember forever.

As well as being prepared for her spot on the UAA court in the fall of 2018.