Senior Spotlight: Piper Sato

For Dimond’s seniors, the final semester of their high school careers has begun, and many students are excited to graduate.

Senior Piper Sato is no exception.

Sato is one of the most accomplished students at Dimond and represents the best of the class of 2018.

Captain of the swim team and vice president of Model United Nations, Sato is salutatorian for a very academically competitive class of 400 students.

She has participated in many of Dimond’s clubs over her four years, giving back to her community and school.

She has been volunteering with Key Club since freshman year and was inducted into National Honor Society as a sophomore. She is also a member of Interstellar Society and Women’s Issues Club.

Sato is highly regarded amongst her peers as a passionate and committed student.

Her longtime friend, Senior Kyra Precie, said, “My favorite thing about Piper is her dedication and persistence she puts into everything she does. She is best known for her hard work and dedication in all activities that she participates in.”

Senior Erin Moody is close with Sato and has been swimming with her since middle school.

She said, “I think Piper is best known for her intelligence and determination.”

Sato has truly enjoyed her time at Dimond and will miss the people she has come to know.

She said, “I will miss my friends a lot. I will also miss my teachers. I have had so many amazing teachers who have as such a positive impact in my life.”

Yet Sato is ready to start the next chapter. She is undecided on her major, but ultimately wants to make a difference in the lives of others.

“I want to go into law and either work for a nonprofit or be a public defender, something along those lines,” she said.

Her friends have full faith that Sato will be successful in the future.

Moody said, “I think Piper will be successful in whatever career she choses. That’s just the type of person she is. I think she’s going to be a great lawyer one day. My favorite thing about Piper is her loyalty and compassion.”

Sato is not only dedicated to her academics and extracurriculars, but being a good friend as well.

Senior Myah Precie has known Sato since preschool and is very close to her.

Precie said, “My favorite thing about her is that no matter what, if you need something, she will always be by your side and will always support you.”

Sato has made many memories throughout high school that have shaped who she is today.

She said, “My high school experience has helped me figure out who I am. I think having such a positive and welcoming environment has made such an awkward stage of life slightly less awful.”

Her favorite high school memories are from her sophomore year.

“My favorite memory is having AP World [History] with Mr. Bevier [Jeffery Bevier]. Specifically the end of the year when we did things like planting the bush, throwing him a going away party or playing out in the field.”

Sato is also seen as being very smart and passionate about world issues. She never fears a good debate.

Her younger brother, Sophomore Grey Sato, said, “It’s always annoying arguing with her because she is almost always right.”

Myah Precie agrees, saying, “She is best known for how much she argues with her friends and how smart she is.”

Sato is going to be missed in the Dimond community, but there is no doubt she will be successful and off to bigger and better things in the future.