Senior Spotlight: Wyatt Brown

“I wish the ocean had wifi”

-Wyatt Brown 2017

Wyatt Brown is a Dimond senior who is also a student in the PLTW Engineering Academy.

He has been attending Dimond since his freshman year. As a studious person, he has kept a high GPA all four years.

Evan McCloskey, a Dimond senior, said, “Wyatt’s a pretty smart kid, he’s taken advanced math classes and AP Chemistry .”

Wyatt is graduating with the Honors cord and the Engineering Achievement cord.

           Jacob Peperone, another Dimond senior, said, “Wyatt and I have been a part of the Dimond Engineering class since freshman year, We were on a team together for the robotics unit we were doing in class. Our team was called ‘Because Why Not?’ for some reason.

          “We also did cardboard oats together, we had to make a boat made of cardboard and duct tape that had to float across the school swimming pool without sinking. We managed to get to the other side.

          “His and my favorite teacher was Zion Russell, because he was very much like us, loved robotics and is a huge nerd,” Peperone said.

           Wyatt was voted one of the top engineers in his class freshman year

Wyatt has many hobbies, but his favorite hobbies are anything about cars

Richard Brown, Wyatt’s father, said, “Wyatt is very fascinated in cars. He loves working on them. He’s probably spent half his life in our garage working on cars. It’s probably thanks to me that he loves cars, I’ve taught him mostly everything about fixing cars.

“Both cars that he has owned he bought were broken down and busted until he fixed them up. One of the cars he owns he bought for only $500. It was in awful condition until he fixed up, now the thing runs perfectly.  He even used to have his own work table in his room where he would build model cars,” his father said.

Peperone said, “We both love cars. We both bought broken down cars and repaired them until they were usable with a few of our coworkers. All Wyatt talks about these days is cars. I’m pretty sure Wyatt wants to be a mechanic when he gets older, just so he can work on cars.”

Wyatt is also a member of Dimond’s robotics program.

Peperone said, “Wyatt’s been doing robotics since he was in middle school, taking the robotics class at Mears Middle School in 7th and 8th grade. When we got into high school, he join the First Tech Challenge(FTC) and created his own team with me and few other people. He did that for one year then quit FTC to focus on First Robotics Competition, which is the more advanced of the two programs.

          “As of his senior year, he is the lead builder of the FRC team. He did so much robotics that he didn’t even need to take an engineering class this year and still got the Engineering Achievement cord.” Peperone said.

Another one of Wyatt’s hobbies is playing video games.

McCloskey said, “Wyatt’s kind of a nerd. He reads a lot of comics and we talk about it with the old engineering teacher,  Mr. Russell. His room is full of pop culture and video game stuff like his two halo helmets. I’ve been playing video games with Wyatt since we were in middle school. We would usually play Xbox 360 every night back then. Now we play on Xbox One, but he doesn’t play as often because he is always working on his car or someone else’s car.”

Wyatt Browns plans to attend University of Anchorage Alaska and major in mechanical engineering.