Dimond Students Plan Service Learning Tour to Peru

Our awareness of the things going on in other countries is amazingly low as teenagers. Our teachers are striving to help us all realize how truly blessed we are to have the things we have and how we can help the less fortunate people of other countries.

Christine Zelinsky, one of our special education teachers, along with Richie Velez, a Spanish teacher here at Dimond, have planned a service tour trip through EF Tours to Peru.

“EF Tours offers two different types of tours you can choose from. There are the education tours that are more on the tourist side and historical type. Then they also offer the service learning tours. In these tours they partner you up with a local nonprofit and you participate in service projects that they set aside for you to do,” said Velez.

Since the beginning of the school year Zelinsky and Velez have been trying to promote this trip that is going to be taken during Spring Break of 2019. They are allowing 18 students to come join in on this astounding opportunity and there are still open spaces.

“Right now we have 12 or 13 kids students signed up for this trip. We’re hoping to get some more to come with us,” said Velez.

Zelinsky got the idea because of a trip that she went on with a former history teacher at Dimond High, Jeffery Bevier.

“Mr. Bevier had a trip that I went on and we went to London and Rome through EF Tours that was fabulous. I thought it would be nice to get to know the people while we were there and be able to immerse ourselves more in the culture and community,” said Zelinsky.

Zelinsky and Velez both have big plans for this trip and for what they hope the students will get out of it.

 “I hope the students get a greater world perspective and a sense of empowerment. Also, that they would feel they are helping to make the world a better place,” said Zelinsky.

How amazing and exciting it is that our school is allowing students to go and help other communities. Students who go on this trip should definitely feel a sense of empowered by the incredible things they would be doing in aiding these people.

“These projects are meant to help strengthen and support these communities. It’s a really cool thing,” said Velez.

These students are going to be helping so much in these communities and it is going to be a part of something that is going to have a lasting effect on not only those who participated, but the people living in those communities.

“We are not sure just yet what they are going to have us do, but it may be something like building greenhouses so they can grow more food and plants or something smaller,” said Velez.

This program is meant to be very beneficial for the people of Peru and the students going on the trip.

“We are really excited about this trip and we hope to be able to do one every other year if we are allowed,” said Zelinsky.

They are still accepting students who want to participate this trip so don’t wait on it. According to the teacher supervisors many communities will be affected by the students efforts and it will definitely be a great time.

Just think of the great things you’ll get to be a part of and the many stories you’ll get to tell.