Dimond Students Traveling to France and Spain

This year our French and Spanish department have planned a 12-day trip to France and Spain where students will be immersed in the culture of the French and the Spanish.

Twenty-three students, accompanied  by three chaperones, will be leaving on this trip on May 29 and returning on June 9. They will be gone for a total of 12 days.

“I want my students to experience the culture of France and Spain and that hopefully it encourages students to keep experiencing things and to continue practicing their language skills. I also hope that this trip motivates them to continue the language program and to keep practicing to get even better,” said French teacher Aline Hopkins.

These students will be immersed in the culture and get to see many beautiful and historical sites that are very popular among tourists.

“I’m really excited to see all the things they have us do. I’ve heard a little bit about what we’re going to be doing and it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to be super cool to do all the touristy stuff,” said Dimond Sophomore Destinzi Tibbetts.

The students will be starting their tourist adventure as soon as they get off the plane. After a 12-hour flight, they will be heading straight to their first monument.

“As soon as we get off the plane in Paris we will be starting our tour. We can’t afford to miss a moment! There is so much we are going to get to do in such a short amount of time. twelve days seems like a long time but with all that we have to do it’s really not enough,” said Hopkins.

The trip is very fast paced and the students will be staying in a total of nine hotels while they are away.

“We are going to be moving a lot. It will be very tiring but definitely a lot of fun. We have so much to learn about. We will be going to the main monuments like the Versailles palace and learning about the history of the countries. We will also be learning about the food as well. Students will be able to try a lot of the different foods that the countries have to offer,” said Hopkins.

Spanish teacher Richie Velez said, “I’m hoping that the students take this opportunity and take any chance to get out of their comfort zone. Any time that people have those type of chances it’s really healthy for them. I hope they take any chance they get cause they really won’t regret it. France and Spain will be an opportunity to not only get out of their comfort zone but a chance to experience a new culture and explore the language,”

Students will be having the opportunity to explore the amazing culture of these two countries and they should take the chance and do things out of their comfort zone.

“Yes, of course I hope the students feel immersed, but I also want them to learn about themselves and about if they enjoy traveling and going to other places. And, that they have an appreciation for what they have and what they’re able to do,” said Velez.

These students are so lucky to be able to go on such an amazing trip like this one.

Tibbets said,“I am super excited to go on this trip and I hope it is as amazing as I think it will be,”

The supervising teachers have expressed their excitement about the trip and are ready to leave. A great way to start the summer.