KCC Meets Students Needs, Interests

Martin Luther King Career Center is beneficial to many students that attend the school.

The school has many different classes students can choose from such as Collision and repair, Veterinarian, Cosmetology, PCA, and many more.

These classes give students the opportunity to take a class that students are actually interested in.

It is very beneficial for students that know what path they want to take to further their career.

Chase Schwamm, a senior at West, is in the Collision and repair class at KCC.

He has been taking this class for two semesters.

Schwamm, said, “I heard about collision and repair last year when I was taking visual media at KCC and I really wanted to join the class.”

Schwamm, said, “I have always been super interested in cars and just working on them is really fun to me.”

The collision and repair class allows students to bring their cars into the shop and work on them. They can fix dents, fix wiring issues, paint their cars, and a lot more.

It is a great class because students are able to use a lot of tools and car equipment that they would not be able to use if they were in a regular class.

It is a great opportunity that not many students get to take.

It is not often that students can say they were able to paint their car at school.

Schwamm, said, “This semester I have been working on my subaru and next week I am going to paint it. It’s cool that I get to go to school just to work on my car, it’s like the best thing ever.”

I am currently taking Cosmetology at KCC, I have been taking it for two semesters.

Cosmetology has always been a big interest of mine so when I heard about the cosmetology class at KCC I signed up as quick as I could.

Being in cosmetology has made me fall in love with the career.

I never really knew what I wanted to do after high school, but after taking cosmetology I know that is what I want to do once I graduate.

The cosmetology class has many benefits for students. We have learned how to give facials, give manicures and pedicures, cut and color hair, and much more.

We were even given the opportunity to go visit the beauty school “Trend Setters”.

The veterinarian class is also very popular at KCC.

Emma Westover, a senior at Dimond, takes the vet class and really enjoys it.

Westover, said, “I honestly just took the class because I wanted to be able to pet dogs all class, but now that I have been taking it, the class is a lot more than just petting cute dogs.”

Westover, said, “We learn a lot about animals and how to help them when they’re hurt.”

All dogs and cats are welcome in the veterinarian class, they have “doggy daycare” where you can bring in your dog or cat while you’re in class.

This allows the students to interact with all different types of dogs and can use them to learn.

KCC also offers a program called “Skills USA” this program allows serious, hard working, students from each class to participate in a competition against each other, the winners go on to the final round for a chance to win scholarship money.

The second and third place contestants win prizes related to your career choice. For example, in cosmetology, students won hairdryers and straighteners, and for visual media, students won camera equipment.

KCC has different benefits for every class, but every student can benefit from KCC.