Sticker Club Brings Out Creativity

This year at Dimond High School, Sticker Club has gained an astounding 43 members. It’s safe to say this club is one of the more popular clubs at Dimond.

Sticker Club President Haven Talbert said, “We have only had two meetings, but we know what we want to do with the club and the main idea is to make stickers.”

The members of Sticker Club make and design stickers, which they are allowed to keep afterwards.

“It’s a trend to put stickers on your water bottles, so a lot of people put them on there or they put them on their phones, binders, or computers,” said Talbert.

It is common to find stickers everywhere on student tools and objects, mostly binders, water bottles, phones, and computers, so stickers are in no way low demand.

Stickers are everywhere around Dimond. It’s obvious that a club dedicated to them would become as popular as it is.

“They’re on everyone’s Hydro Flasks, cell phone cover, laptop cover, anywhere you can put a sticker, there’ll be a sticker!” said Sticker Club Sponsor Cullen Lickingteller.

“We build our own stickers, and we design them. Sometimes they sell them to raise money to put back into Sticker Club for more equipment and more supplies to keep making more and more stickers, it’s just a gigantic, sticker producing cycle,” Lickingteller said.

Lickingteller hosts Sticker Club in his room every Wednesday during lunch, where you’ll find dozens of artists designing and creating the stickers.

“They look as official as any other sticker you’ll find out there, ours will look just as good or better,” said Lickingteller.

Sticker Club has quickly become one of the more popular clubs in Dimond High School this year.

“Right now we have 43 members. We’ve only had two meetings, so we are expecting more to come,” said Sticker Club Vice President Skyler Coleman.

Sticker Club has attracted dozens of artists around Dimond High School, so that they can express their art and creativity a new kind of way.

Talbert said, “Most of the people that are in Sticker Club are artistic, and most of them are in art.”

“You can buy sticker paper at the store, and draw on it with anything, color pencils, markers, gel pens, anything. You then put on a clear protector, and cut it out with scissors or an X-Acto knife!” Coleman said.

Making stickers only requires a bit of artistic talent and some simple craftsmanship.

“We are going to ask for a key for the computer lab, so we can photoshop some of the stickers, and make them brighter for example,” said Talbert

Coleman said, “You can use pictures off your phone and we’ll be able to photoshop it.”

The computer lab will definitely improve the quality of stickers for Sticker Club, and allow students to get more creative with their stickers.

“All you need first is a piece of paper and an idea, ideas first. You can then use colored pencils, markers or watercolor. Eventually you can drop it into photoshop and edit it, oversaturate the colors, and manipulate the texts.” Lickingteller said.

Sticker Club often makes stickers having to do with Dimond High School.

“We custom design them to match the Dimond Lynx! Teams, swim teams, clubs, we can custom tailor any sticker to fit anybody’s needs,” Lickingteller said.

With the increase of the popularity of stickers for students of Dimond High, came the popularity of Sticker Club.

Sticker Club seems to be a welcoming, fun and a center for creativity for the artists of Dimond High School.