Streetwear Emerges in Dimond’s Halls

With streetwear becoming a greater rage in Anchorage, Dimond’s style is starting to change with the iconic and unique designs with streetwear fashion.  Streetwear brands include: Supreme, Bape, Anti-Social Club, FTP, etc.

To start off, how do these certain brands create all this hype around the world? Well the hype originates from these three main reasons: quantity, quality, and who is wearing it.

Jihoon Kim, a Dimond senior in high school, said,“Limited quantity is what makes certain brands more hype than others since you not everyone can get it. Then there’s quality. Some people appreciate quality more than hype of a product.”

Furthermore, certain people can affect the fluctuation of the hype of a product based on their fame or credibility.

Josh Kim, another senior at Dimond, said “For example, since Kanye, a famous music artist, created a brand of shoes called Yeezys, it sold out in an instant.”

With the influence of certain artists, the price range and demand for the product will spike.

Josh Kim said,”Also, the fame of the brand plays a factor in it as well. An example is Supreme and Anti-Social Club, even if their products aren’t the best, it’s their brand name that sells.”

Although these items are extremely high in demand, their prices are quite extravagant.

For example, a plain, white t-shirt with a logo of a collab between two huge brands, Louis Vuitton and Supreme, has the resale price of about $485.

However, the main reasons why these sell is because of the limited quantity, as well as the fact that there’s so much hype behind the two brands that made a collaboration, Supreme and Louis Vuitton.

On the flip side, there are others that will prefer the quality of the product over the limited quantity of a certain product.

Jihoon Kim said, “So brands like acronym, and Alyx use better materials and textiles than Supreme or Bape would satisfy the criteria for having a quality product.”   

       Therefore, it’s up to the person, what they value in what kind of clothes they wear.

People who invest in this luxury all have a different purpose in doing so: some like to indulge in the feeling that they have something unique, while others may aspire to be like a certain artist or trend and others seek to express their own originality.  

Alyssa Mae Laluan, a new senior at Dimond, had a different intent in fit than others.

Laluan said,“In the Philippines, you know how a majority don’t dress up like this, so I guess I wanted to be different and express myself.”

Josh Kim also said,“I guess you would call me a hypebeast, who is defined as somewhat of a fanatic of big streetwear brands, and I guess I like that feeling of having something other people don’t have.”

Jihoon Kim has an iconic style that stands out as unique in Dimond.

Jihoon Kim said,”I take inspiration from other people that are involved in fashion like Ian Connor, Bloody Osiris, Buka and etc. But with that inspiration I like to add my own twist to it. I’ll buy certain pieces that those people will have, but put my own style into it and style it a different way.”

Although these famous, street brands may influence and grant a unique characteristic to your clothing, they are not especially necessary.  Thrift stores, especially are stores where consumers or stylists are able to seek out hidden gems that’ll give them an edge in style.

In the end, streetwear is just another way to express a person’s style, but everybody has a different, unique fit.