Dimond Welcomes New Art Teacher

You may notice a new face roaming the halls of Dimond or laughing it up with Art teacher Cullen Lickingteller. That would be Tom Ehmann, Dimond’s new art teacher.

Sadly, one of Dimond’s beloved art teachers, Mary Kaye Denkewalter, retired last year. But have no fear, Mr. Ehmann is here and happy to help students create and teach us all about three-dimensional art

Ehmann went to University of Alaska Anchorage where he got his bachelor’s degree, and to the University of Alaska Southeast.

He has taught at Benny Benson Secondary School and Central Middle School.

“I was born in upstate New York and came to Alaska by way of the Navy,” Ehmann says.

He started as an artist, creating little things as he went along when he realized he wanted to do more with it.

Ehmann’s love of art began a little before he started college and influenced him to get his degree and continue working hard towards his goals.

“One thing I am most excited to be using at Dimond is to be using the gas kiln again,” he said, since his former schools did not have one.

Ehmann says he is skilled in all forms of art, whether it be drawing, painting or just freehand doodling, but he prefers to stick with what he is most comfortable with, which is three-dimensional art.

He considers his strongest asset to be three-dimensional art such as molding, sculpting, shaping and metal wire art.

Ehmann, or Mr. E as he often goes by, says he loves Dimond and its atmosphere and that he has been trying to transfer here for years.

“He’s really serious about art and he’s very similar to Ms. D in the things he teaches,” Lickingteller said. “He loves what Ms. D loved.”

“The funny thing is, almost all of our art teachers have come from German descent, Denkewalter, Lickingteller and now Ehmann,” Lickenteller said.

Lickenteller and Ehmann both seem to get along really well and have the same sense of humor and outgoing personality.

“Mr. E is a really cool guy, and I’m really excited to continue the class with him. I think it’s going to be really fun and interesting,” said Sophomore Cameron Rollinson.

“He always seems to be creating little sculptures during class, so I’m pretty excited to be able to learn how to do that,” said Junior Hannah Bauer.

“I’m really looking forward to having art with Mr. E and getting to make new friends and learn more about art and the many different ways to create it,” said Junior Mathilda Cerdena.

“Mr. E seems to be really nice and very passionate about what he does,” said Senior Marisa Cortez. “He is a really hard worker and he makes me want to learn more about art.”

“I saw him talking to LT and I was wondering who he was, then I saw him walk into Art and start teaching and he was actually really fun,” said Junior Angel Stacey.

Ehmann takes art very seriously and hopes to teach the students here at Dimond to love and appreciate art as he does.

He focuses on making sure that the students know the importance of art and all of its different properties and features.

“It is important to me that people understand art and the way that it affects people, it really is such a relaxing thing,” said Ehmann. “More people should create art.”