UNICEF Club Helps Children Worldwide

A new, charitable club has started at Dimond High School to support UNICEF, an organization dedicated to helping children in need worldwide. This new club, UNICEF Club, has been started to raise money to donate to UNICEF to help children around the world.

UNICEF Club president Burcu Turker said, “UNICEF is the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, managed by United Nations to protect and manage children’s rights. UNICEF has been working to aid children in crisis, and that is everything from education, health, curing diseases, basic rights and living conditions.”

UNICEF Club Sponsor Richie Velez said, “UNICEF is an organization that offers services or helps less fortunate individuals, families or children throughout the world.”

Sophomore Burak Turker said, “We fundraise money, and the money we fundraise goes to UNICEF which helps kids worldwide. They help in over 190 countries over the world, a lot in India, Africa and South America.”

Burcu Turker said, “We are a club of UNICEF U.S.A. so it is an official club. We advocate and promote UNICEF’s mission, and we also do fundraisers and activities to support UNICEF’s projects.”

UNICEF Club will be hosting fundraisers, events and other activities around the school to raise money for UNICEF.

Burcu Turker said, “We’ve begun planning for ‘Trick or Treat’, which is the first official fundraiser that every UNICEF club does. For this we will be doing a little bit of a miracle minute and afterwards we will be having a separate event where kids will trick or treat for UNICEF.”

Burak Turker said, “On Halloween, we will go around door to door for the Trick or Treat event, and ask people to donate money. We also sell pizza after school Tuesdays and Thursdays. The money we generate goes to UNICEF so they can keep doing their thing.”

Velez said, “We are raising funds through some activities we are going to do for UNICEF. The focus is to hand over these funds to the organization.”

UNICEF Club is just starting this year at Dimond, and just starting to gain members and support from students.

“We currently have 15 members, but it is a new club. We have only had three meetings, so we are expecting new members. We meet Wednesdays at lunch in A201,” Burcu Turker said.

Burak Turker said, “It’s still a brand new club, it just started this year. I think that next year it will get a lot bigger. It’s a club worth joining, since you aren’t just joining for your own benefits, you are helping kids worldwide.”

Burcu Turker said, “All across the United States there are UNICEF clubs, and Dimond’s UNICEF Club is the first UNICEF club in Alaska. It is something that I’m very passionate about, helping children that are vulnerable that are in need of assistance. They have to battle such horrible troubles that even adults can’t overcome.”

UNICEF Club is filled with passionate students dedicated to raising money for a cause they care about, and they are looking for new members to help their effort.

The club supports a great cause, as it is growing bigger and will hopefully be bringing in funds for UNICEF for years to come at Dimond High School with great events and fundraisers. It is definitely a club that is worth joining if you are interested.