Dimond Assemblies: Behind the Scenes

Dimond High School has some pretty grand assemblies. But, who’s behind all the amazing fun that Dimond students get to enjoy when attending assemblies?

The planning of these assemblies takes time and many, many people. The head of this planning committee is Dimond High Social Studies teacher and sponsor of Student Government director, Lem Wheeles.

“It takes us about five to six weeks to plan an assembly in its entirety. But, we really like it when we are done planning at least three weeks prior to that assembly. That just makes it easier and more efficient for us. However, that doesn’t always happen especially for the back to school assembly which we only get three days,” Wheeles said.

The assemblies are mostly planned by the Spirit Committee which consists of the Spirit Commissioners, Cameron Sheldon and Jayden Houston, and each class representative.

“We get to plan and set up all the assemblies. It is a lot of fun for all of us,” said Senior Spirit Commissioner Cameron Sheldon.

The biggest assembly of the year, the Spirit Olympics, is the main concern of the Spirit Commissioners.

“The Spirit Olympics is probably the most fun and stressful assembly to plan. It is big, fun and competitive. There are a lot of moving pieces and parts,like the games and the dances, to that assembly that we want to be done well so everyone enjoys themselves,” Wheeles said.

It is very hard to keep an auditorium full of high school students entertained for an assembly this long.

“The Spirit Olympics is the longest assembly. It is an hour and 50 minutes while regular assemblies are just 50 minutes. It is really hard to make sure that everyone will be entertained for that long and making sure its enjoyable for everyone,” said Senior Spirit Commissioner Jayden Houston.

This being the longest assembly, they have to make sure they fill every minute.

“It is a really long assembly but I think Student Government does a great job planning it out and making sure that everyone is engaged. It the most entertaining assembly to me,” said Dimond Junior Daisy Knight.

Being a Spirit Commissioner entails lots of hard work and commitment.

“We need to be efficient and make sure that everything gets planned out in good time. If we wait too long then it becomes stressful. The hardest part is probably getting the schedule together. We have to come up with creative games and activities that will be fun for the people playing as well as the people watching,” Houston said.

The games are the part of the Spirit Olympics that everyone really enjoys. They are super goofy and fun to watch.

“All the games are super funny and very entertaining to watch your classmates put themselves out there like that,” Dimond Sophomore Deven Lee said.

Being the Spirit Commissioner is a big job and requires a lot of confidence.

“I really wanted to be Spirit Commissioner because I thought it would be a fun way to end my time at Dimond and I am pretty confident in front of people,” Houston said.

       And Cameron Sheldon is definitely the right man for the job.

     “Cameron is very energetic and is a great guy to run the show. He just seems so confident.” Dimond Junior Mikaela Lawrence said.

Even with all the responsibilities the job of being Spirit Commissioner is still a very fun way to spend Senior Year.

“I would definitely look into being a Spirit Commissioner for your senior year. It’s fun to get to do all the behind the scenes work and to go to the games to cheer on your fellow Lynx,” Houston said.