American Style and European Style Are Very Different

Every culture has a different idea of style.

What happens if an American goes in Europe or Europeans go to America  for a trip?

Dimond junior Angel Stacey and East high exchange student Marit Zillman can let us know.

Stacey went in Spain and France last summer and  Zillman is in America now from Berlin.

What are the differences that they found?

“Very big cities and a lot of people walk in the streets,” Stacey said about the cities she visited in Europe.

Zillman said, “Americans wear more ‘sports style’ for school like leggings and more chill style like joggings. I also have that at my school.”

“Most people care less about what they wear in America,” Zillman said.

“In Europe people dressed nice with more expensive clothes “, Stacey said.

Zillman said, “ Alaskans dress for the weather”.

Both cultures have clothing that might be embarrassing.

“I think pajamas, but for Europeans I know that for them it’s embarrassing long socks ,“ Stacey said.

“I don’t care about others’ opinions, but, I wouldn’t wear big sleeping pants for school,” Zillman said.

Does the way a person dresses up indicate something about that person?

“Yes, the clothes describe what you are, your personality,” Stacey said.

Zillman said, “ Yes, there are people who dress up a lot and that shows that they care about how they look.

“There are other people who like to wear expensive brands and that shows in my opinion the personality of a person. The clothing just shows a little of their personality but it is not good to judge people by that,” she said.

So does dressing well indicate respect?

“ Yes, depending on where you go and what occasion,” Stacey said.

Zillman said, “ I think dressing up does show respect because it shows that you care and that you took time to dress up”.