Inspiration Leads Dimond Students to Bear Apparels

Inspiration can sprout from anything and anywhere. For one young entrepreneur and  Dimond student, Zavier Hajdukovich, all the inspiration he needed was his two favorite things, bears and colorful designs. Friend and fellow Dimond student, Ryan Dailey, partnered up with Hajdukovich to begin their business, Bear Apparels.

You can spot Bear Apparel hoodies through the halls of Dimond High School. Even though this a huge accomplishment in itself, the businessmen have bigger goals in mind. 

Daley said, “The big goal to see someone we don’t know wearing Bear Apparels.” 

Families play big roles through their support and advice. Even though the boys fund the business themselves, their parents help make important decisions. 

 Hajdukovich said, “Both of our parents have business degrees, and have helped guide or business.” 

To start the business, Daley said, “We both put in 400 dollars.” 

With their earnings the boys said, “We use the revenue from the hoodies to pay for embroidering.” 

Hajdukovich and Daley have not lost a single penny because they have sold out of all their stock. 

Due to their intelligent mentors, they sure know how to make smart decisions about their finances. 

Hajdukovich said “We keep our inventory in my car and in the closet, and keep track of everything on white board.”

This keeps their costs down because, “It’s really expensive to keep a ton of inventory, so we sell out of everything.”

The boys are very invested in their business and pour their time and energy into keeping Bear Apparels stocked with new clothing.

Hajdukovich said, “We try to have new designs every two weeks.”

The new designs feature new colors, such as their most recent release, cotton candy, a light pink and blue. 

Daley said, “We are gonna eventually move on to new logos.”

Even with new logos on the way, the boys plan to stick with their original bear theme. Bear Apparel’s most popular clothing is their hoodies, however they also sell t-shirts. Alaskan’s are known for their large hoodie collections

Daley said, “We start by getting the hoodies locally, and then embroidering them.” Some of the shirts are also screen printed with the signature vibrant colors of Bear Apparels. 

Hajdukovich and Daley intend selling socks, stickers, beanies, and long sleeves. Currently stickers are a popular in the youth culture. In every hallway you can see Hydroflasks decorated in all sorts of stickers.  The boys think staying involved in current trends is a smart way for small companies to stay in business. 

Hajdukovich said, “If we are going to do socks, we have to find some high quality socks to embroider.”

Daley added, “The socks also have to be brandless.”

Hajdukovich and Daley have big plans for their company and are excited for the many milestones ahead. The majority of their customers are friends, and Dimond students, however they have had customers all the way from California!

Senior Tyler Graeber said, “I think it is super cool to have a company based off Alaska.” 

He plans on purchasing Bear Appeal merchandise so he can up his game. 

Starting business with friends comes with a lot of challenges, however it can strengthen friendships. Despite all of the decisions that come with starting a business, Daley and Hajdukovich have maintained a tight friendship. 

Daley said, “I don’t even think we have argued about anything, I think we have grown closer as friends.”

Even though the boys don’t find challenges in their relationship, they have other struggles.

Hajdukovich said, “It is hard to ship stuff to customers because you have to do it super quickly.”

Bear Apparels sells most of their merchandise through Instagram or in person, but are working on building their website. The entrepreneurs plan on continuing their business as long as it is doing well. 

Daley said, “Even if we don’t get big and sell anything, we still have dope hoodies.”

Hajdukovich said, “The most important lesson I have learned is that you can’t please everyone.”

No matter what happens in the future, Hajdukovich and Daley have learned some crucial life lessons, and can wear their snazzy hoodies to flex around Alaska.