Dimond Clubs Contribute to Community

All school year students in community service clubs have been helping around their community. In National Honors Society, members have helped clean up school gardens and assist in timing at swim meets. 

Members of Z Club have helped at running race fundraisers, made posters to promote awareness, and helped at the blood drive. Halloween season brings in lots of children and opportunities to bring joy on this spooky day. 

Dimond’s National Honors Society recently volunteered a The Enchanted Trails Halloween Event. Volunteers dressed up in costumes ranging from mermaids to princes. Interacting with children, acting, playing games and taking pictures with kids were parts of volunteering. 

Senior and Member of National Honors Society Jacob Mitchell said, “I enjoyed Enchanted Trails because it is one of the events we do with National Honors Society where we personally interact with the beneficiary.”

National Honors Society events have a positive effect on the community, but the volunteers do not always get to see who they are helping. 

Mitchell said, “Volunteering is not for everyone, it takes a specific person with a positive spirit.”

Volunteers have a quality of selflessness that drives them to serve others. 

Mitchell said, “I really enjoy volunteering because there is a common spirit that we share.”

Enchanted Trails is an event hosted by Goose Lake near the UAA campus. Anyone can enjoy the festivities by dressing up, drinking the free hot chocolate supplied by Kaladi Brothers, and participating in Halloween activities. 

National Honors Society Vice President Harlie Lewallen said, “My Favorite Part of enchanted trails was helping the kids and watching them have fun.”

Enchanted Trails was enjoyed by people of all ages. 

National Honors Society President Mary Reinbold said, “Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces made it all seem worth it.”

Despite the cold, despite the rain, bringing people happiness is all the students cared about that night.

Another Dimond service club, Z Club, volunteered at the Sand Lake Elementary School Fall Carnival, a local Halloween event in the community. 

Members of Z Club helped out all over the school doing many different jobs and interacting with parents, teachers, and students. 

Principal Linson Thompson said,” The commitment and support of the Z Club allowed Sand Lake Elementary School to raise several thousand dollars so a variety of things within the school.”

All year students involved in these service clubs selflessly serve their community.

 Future National Honors Society events include sewing bags out of t-shirts for those who can not afford them, putting together beanie boxes, and helping out around the school. 

Z Club members are constantly helping out all around Anchorage. 

National Honors Society and Z Club member, Mallory Thoma, said, “My favorite Z Club event was volunteering at the Pioneer House Pancake Breakfast.”

Some people may see volunteering as a chore, but the majority sees it as a fun way to spend time with their friends while making a difference in people’s lives.

Thoma said, “My favorite part about National Honors Society is that it gets me involved in volunteering in places I never would have otherwise. I would definitely recommend students to join a community service club.”

Lewallen shares a similar opinion and said, “I think volunteering is a huge part of the community. Without volunteers, a lot of organizations would not be able to put on these events.”

With all of the high schools in Anchorage, there is an overwhelming amount of students lending a hand and giving back to their community. These students set a perfect example of the true holiday spirit.