Canvas Can Be Helpful Tool for Teachers, Students

 Canvas is an electronic educational for both teachers and students in the Anchorage School District.

Every student receives a Canvas account, but not all teachers use it for their students. It features a calendar, the courses students have on Canvas, links to activities, reminders and more.

 A few teachers shared what they think of Canvas as a tool and website for their students.

Catherine Walker, a Dimond High biology teacher, said, “I use Canvas specifically for the calendar and for students who were absent so they can check back in for links to certain activities or assignments they missed. I use it daily, mainly for students that are absent.”

Walker also posts links to educational videos on her classroom Canvas for her students. 

She thinks videos can be a more exciting way of educating her students. 

Canvas is totally optional amongst teachers, to see if they can work with their students more cooperatively online and electronically. For some it is very helpful, for others not so much.

Charles Beattie, geometry and German teacher at Dimond, said, “I mostly use Canvas with my AP students. It’s easy to have files in one place when students are absent, but I have to put them manually and it is difficult to find time when students do it and turn it in late.” 

Beattie thinks keeping and having Canvas with one class is enough. 

 A lot of students do think and feel almost the same way about Canvas the way teachers do. It is something you either really dislike or really like. 

 People who enjoy being organized and well planned do like the experience of using Canvas, as an educational tool. It provides many benefits, and for some it might even help with education practice online.

Dimond Sophomore Skylar Dimmick said, “ I do enjoy using Canvas as a student, because it helps me stay organized and helps me keep up with my grades, plus it tells me when everything is due. This year though, none of my teachers are using Canvas in their classes, but last year my engineering teacher did.”

A majority of both teachers and students are active on Canvas almost every day and use it. A lot of teachers have now used it for a relatively long time.

 A lot of times students miss notes and assignments from class that have been put onto Canvas which adds  another benefit. 

 Tracy Blevins, a history teacher at Dimond, said, “Canvas for me is super helpful!  I can post notes online and use it for tests with my students, in addition so that I try to educate my students more online, rather than just doing learning on paper all the time.

 “I think my students really do appreciate it as just an extra resource for history class. Also, this has been my fourth year of using Canvas with my classes and it really has helped me as a teacher and it provides better tactics for being a teacher, as well as neat organization skills.”

Blevins wants too see the best in her students and thinks it’s important for them to all succeed in not just her class, but outside as well. 

Canvas provides this for both teachers and students, creating a strong educational and sufficient platform.