Yearbooks: Memories that Last for Years to Come

The perfect way to get a recap of year is to buy a yearbook. Yearbooks hold pictures and memories from throughout the year. 

These yearbooks are especially expensive for the Dimond yearbook team to produce.

Dimond Senior and Yearbook editor Gracie Hoosier said, “Yearbooks are extremely expensive, especially when we can afford cool effects such as the thermal touch on the 2017-18 yearbook.” 

The money that pays for our Dimond yearbooks is dependent on the year before.

Hoosier said, “Our budget depends on how many yearbooks are sold the year before, so the more money we make, the better our yearbook will be the next year, that is why we get so pushy about reminding people that they need to buy our yearbook so that we can make the next year even better.” 

Lots of people really enjoy the yearbooks and use them as a memory tool for years to come.  

Dimond Senior Jake Wright said, “I always buy a yearbook just so that in the later years I can look back on my years in high school. My mom keeps all of them in a box for my brother and I.” 

Many Dimond Seniors are excited to get their yearbook this year.

Dimond Senior Shanliegh Sullivan said, “I think this yearbook is going to be more important than the others because senior year is a special year. I have bought yearbooks all four years and I will probably keep them forever. I know my mom has her old yearbooks as well and we have looked at them before. They are cool things to look back on in later years.” 

Last year the yearbook team was facing some difficulty from this year and years past. 

Hoosier said, “What’s different this year is in the past we’ve had some difficulty having such a small staff (about eight) but this year we got lucky and we’re starting the year with 17.”  

The yearbook staff is looking to produce a better yearbook then last year’s yearbook. 

Wright said, “Last year the yearbook had quite a few mistakes. They were missing some names, misspelled names or teams and forgot to add certain people in the appendix.” 

The yearbook is designed throughout the year and each member is assigned a specific section to work on.

Hoosier said, “We have specific deadlines which lets us know when we have to get specific chunks of the yearbook done by.” 

The yearbook also includes years from last year’s sports and prom photos. 

Sullivan said, “At other schools they just sell a clip-in piece from the sports and prom at the end of the year. I really think that’s cool because then it keeps everything from that year in the same book.” 

It is important for students to order their yearbooks early otherwise they will have to pay more as the prices go up throughout the year. 

Hoosier said, “We up the prices throughout the year because it helps us to make the students aware that they need to purchase the book as well as gains us money for the next years yearbook.” 

The deadlines are told to all Dimond students throughout the year on the announcements as well as through posters in the school. 

Hoosier said, “We try to encourage everyone to buy a yearbook through the announcements and making sure we out up posters. We understand that it is easy to forget but, it is nice to get the yearbooks at a lower price.” 

Currently the Dimond yearbooks are $75, but the prices will go up. 

Hoosier said, “I hope everyone is able to enjoy the yearbook because we put a lot of work and time into it”