Students Share Coffee Favorities

Coffee shops can be a daily scene for high school students, whether it’s for the energy boost to get through homework or a nice place to study with friends. However, it may be hard for students to choose what coffee shops to go to, specifically if they want to go somewhere local or a chain.

Starbucks has dominated the coffee industry with its amount of stores, providing more convenience for students. On the other hand, local shops can generally have better tasting coffee with a cozier feel.

Dimond Junior Trinity Reagan said, “I like local ones more because they feel more homey and more relaxed.”

I find that many of the drive thru coffee shops around Anchorage seem to have varying prices on coffee. If you don’t have a pre-existing favorite shop it can be difficult to find what you like with so many options.

Kaladi Brothers is an extremely popular coffee shop for teenagers in Anchorage, for both their quality of drinks as well as their relaxing atmosphere. 

Dimond Junior Taylor Heckart said, “I go to Kaladi’s to study and for the hot chocolate, and I think half the school goes to study also. There’s always people from Dimond there after school.”

Starbucks and Kaladi Brothers have similarly priced drinks, but differ in variety of drinks and the amount of locations they are available. Starbucks has more types of original coffee and drinks, while Kaladi Brothers has a really strong choice of the standard types of coffee.

Dimond Junior Anita Koelsch said, “I kind of wish Kaladi’s closed later, sometimes struggling students study later than eight o’clock. They also don’t add new food options very often, and the same items will be at the counter for a long time.”

Starbucks has also become very popular with teenagers due to their seasonal menus, it’s become a source of holiday cheer when people begin to see seasonal drinks appear on the menu. This adds to Starbucks’ variety in drinks that they offer.

Dimond Junior Jasmine An said, “I don’t really like some of Kaladi’s coffee, especially some of their more basic, childish choices, but I do go there to study a lot.”

With Starbucks, it’s easier to know what you’re getting, you can have a regular drink you get every time that only Starbucks sells.

However, some find it more fulfilling to support local businesses rather than buy from large corporations such as Starbucks, it can feel good to help out a smaller company or brand. Kaladi Brothers started out as a coffee stand in Anchorage, and managed to grow into a large chain of coffee shops that spread to as far as the west coast.

For Dimond specifically, Kaladi Brothers is actually the most convenient option for most students, taking out one of Starbucks most redeeming qualities of convenience.

Heckart said, “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really come to appreciate Kaladi’s more when I need a place to study. It’s the most convenient for me, going across town to the library isn’t feasible. Not to mention, Kaladi’s has the best hot chocolate recipe in Anchorage in my opinion.

“I really feel like Kaladi’s is a place where the community can gather together in a really positive way.”

Kaladi Brothers is the most popular local coffee shop for Dimond students, and although Starbucks has more locations and variety, it can not compete with Kaladi Brothers’ environment they provide for the students at Dimond.