Students Learn About Dangers of Vaping

 Vaping has now really reached negative heights to the point where students in school are even learning about the dangerous contaminants and elements inside vapor liquid. This issue has been going on a quite a long time.

       More and more young people are becoming addicted and don’t exactly know what this action is specifically doing to hurt their bodies. Learning about it will hopefully help with this problem.

      According to, 37 percent  of 12th graders reported vaping in 2018, compared with 28 percent in 2017, on a 2018 annual survey of drug, alcohol and cigarette use. 

      There were much younger kids as well who were under the influence of similar related products, and that is very unfortunate knowing that most of these teenagers are being secretive and discreet about this issue.

       Dimond High School biology teacher, Julie Romo, organized a project for her students that focused on five different chemicals found in e-cigarettes. She had been planning this during the winter break.

       Romo said, “We are biologically researching five different chemicals found in e-cigarettes and how they affect the human body, one of them being nicotine. Many kids will choose whether they want to create a brochure, comic strip or public service paper or report.

       “Anything like this topic is worthwhile to be taught to students to prevent serious consequences. Another reason why I came up with the idea for this project was that Mrs. Walker, one of our other biology teachers, had done this in the fall, and it would be interesting to start off the year like this.” 

        Romo is feeling very confident about the fact that her students will benefit and gain so much new information from doing this project. She feels that this is a  more fun way of teaching and by letting her students make this project in a creative way. 

       Walker said, “What happened with this project was that I immediately shared my idea and Mrs. Romo modified it and made it a little different. Although I do wish I added in a special categorized component where kids could add health data info. 

         “They would’ve been able to find out the percentage of how many patients ended up in the hospital due to the result of intoxicating their body with those five different chemicals.”

           More work should be done to reduce the amount of students vaping or trying out other vaping products, such as doing this project. It is a wonderful idea to use for students to engage in the topic of the dangers of vaping.

            A student from Romo’s class is working on this project herself.

            Dimond High School, Sophomore, Sage Szymanski, a student in Romo’s Class, said, “I really think that this project is helping people learn a lot more about the side effects of vaping. I think this project will also creatifully help students with the full understanding of what vaping does and how it is physically harming users.”

              Szymanski is hopeful she will learn more about this and get a lot out of her project.

             This is something that will help scholars deeply focus on the topic and issues about vaping. Romo is hoping that her students will have more information and something new to share about their knowledge of the five different chemicals.

              Learning more about these components will also teach students about the main negative effects on different organs of the body and what diseases and infections they may cause.