Zella and Grace Jewelry Sales Fund Humanitarian Efforts

Dimond High School is full of entrepreneurs. Senior Sophia Randall combined her passion for making jewelry and her passion for helping people into a business that brings a smile to faces across the world.

Randall started her enamel jewelry business, Zella and Grace Jewelry, this spring to fund her humanitarian trip to Peru. 

Randall said, “At the time I was working at Bells Nursery, and I was not making enough to pay for the trip.”

Randall took a brave leap and decided to start creating her jewelry for others to purchase.

Randall said, “The name of my business is a combination of my middle name, grace, and the name that my sister was going to be named, Zella.”

In a short amount of time, Randall went from little experience making enamel jewelry, to having a successful business that is gaining momentum. 

Randall, said, “The first pair of enamel earrings I made was last spring.”

The entire earring process consists of many vital steps to ensure that the products are high quality, creative, and unique.

Randall said, “I get most of my earring inspiration from the outdoors. All of the pretty scenery from the trees, ocean, and mountains in Alaska turn into some pretty cool designs.”

Randall channels all of the beauty around her into one of a kind designs. The process of actually constructing the jewelry is very meticulous. 

Randall said, “I individually cut and pieces of copper into shapes with a die cutter, drill a hole into the top of the metal and then sprinkle different colored enamel powder to create a design. I then heat the earring up with a blow torch which melts the enamel into a glass-like substance. The final step is to attach the silver ear wire and there you go.”

With the help of her art teachers and support from her friends and family, Randall is an entrepreneur running Zella and Grace by herself!

Dimond High School art teachers Mr. Lickingteller and Mr. Emen are the backbones of Dimond’s art class. Each day they teach students new forms of creation while providing an inspiring environment for students to channel their talents.

Lickingteller said, “I have watched Sophie grow since she started years ago, she loves whats shes doing, and she has confidence that some kids never have.”

Emen teaches pottery and metalwork, so he has helped Randall through the process and seen her work from the beginning. 

Emen said, “She is curious, creative, and not afraid to try new things.”

Randall’s art is very unique and reflects her creative persona. 

Lickingteller said, “The way she uses multiple colors when she enamels is complex and pulls people in.” 

Both art teaches hope that she pursues her artistic dreams. 

Emens advice for Randall is to “continue art classes and drawing skills because drawing is the basis for everything.”


Zella and Grace Jewelry is featured in many stores including, Shuzyq Lemontree, and the Ravens Nest Body Cafe. Randall also runs her business of her Zella and Grace Website and Instagram page.

Randall said, “Sales are always changing so it’s hard to keep up with supply and demand.”

Randall has a lot of things on her plate to balance including school, family, friends, and being involved in her community.

Randall helps out in her church as well as being a member of Dimond High School Partners Club. Randall plans to continue her business though college but isn’t quite sure how it will look. 

Recently Randall was interviewed by KTUU News Channel. She loves to share her story and spread awareness about the opportunity we have to help those in need. 

With a passion for people and an appreciation for art, Randall brings smiles to the world around her.