Apple Releases iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, with Newest Technology

It is that time of the year again, as many major companies push to release their products as holiday sales begin to skyrocket.  

Apple, a multi billion-dollar tech company that many people are familiar with, has recently released their new model of the iPhone to the public.  

On October 13 Apple revealed its newest masterpiece of technology, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini.  

The iPhone 12 not only offers power features but is affordable as well. 

According to Apple themselves the new iPhone 12 features 5G, tougher material, an improved camera, and the new A14 Bionic Cip, which Apple claims to be the fastest in a smartphone.    

The iPhone 12 starts out at $799 as the iPhone 12 mini starts at $699, definitely a better price then when the iphone 10 was released at $999.  

According to Apple they are planning to release their new featured product on Friday, November 13th.   

 The real question is, are people excited about the new iphone?  If so, what do they think of it? 

 “I didn’t even know that the iPhone 12 was announced, but it seems pretty legit to me,” stated Dimond alumna Taylor Lane.  

According to Taylor Lane, not everyone was able to hear Apple’s announcement. 

  However, this makes sense due to all the other news like the spread of  COVID and the presidential election  making its way across the media.

Many people are still very thrilled about the new release of the iPhone 12, but why are people so excited about this Iphone 12?  

As the new iPhone 12 hits the market this year what is the main feature that encourages people to buy the new Iphone? 

“The main reason I would get the iPhone 12 would definitely be the camera.  I like to take pictures and I definitely use the camera a lot on my current phone.  Oh and I’m also interested in the new 5G feature that is in the iPhone,” said Charlotte Mattheis. 

When given more information regarding the features of the iPhone 12, Taylor Lane said through email, “The Iphone 12 is a bit cheaper and there are different versions of it. I think the Iphone mini is pretty dope because it is the most affordable phone to me and I have small hands so it’s more convenient to me.”  

Charles Fagerstrom, a Dimond parent, said, “The style of iPhone is satisfying to me, the more defined edges give the iPhone a cool look. 

 The price just increases the chances of me buying the phone as it’s a bit cheaper than the past iPhones. ”

  This was a smart move by Apple, since all of the upcoming phones are all very advanced and similar. 

The factors that would increase sales would be the price and the size of the phone.  Lowering the price would allow for more people to afford the phone, increasing the number of people that would buy the phone. 

The new and advanced camera is perfect for photographers  and people who enjoy saving their memories through photos.

 The iPhone 12 mini is a more accessible phone.

 It is cheaper and it is smaller so it’s more convenient for people with smaller hands. 

 If you’re a person that wants the best of the best then the iPhone 12 Pro Max would be the best fit for you.

If you are willing to pay at a higher price, it’s bigger and has better internals.