Senior Spotlight: Delainey Zock

Delainey Zock is one of the top female runners in the state of Alaska. But she is also a humble teammate, exceptional student, and a kind friend.

Zock has run cross country and track with Dimond for the past 4 years. 

Her junior year, she qualified for the state meet in cross country running as a solo runner by placing in the top 15 in the region’s race. 

That day is one of her favorite memories from cross country. 

“Mary Reinbold and I had made it to state. All the girls on the team had pictures taken together, and I remember feeling really great, and everybody was happy and hyped.”

Delainey improves each year that she runs. Her senior year in cross country she placed third in the state meet.

She also runs with the track team each spring and focuses on the mile and two mile. 

Zock is the model teammate, she is incredibly humble and sportsmanlike. 

She never shies away from cheering on her teammates from the sidelines or congratulating fellow runners at the finish line. 

A fellow running teammate and Dimond Senior Carli Walsch stated, “She loves to encourage one another and is always willing to help others out.”

Zock has an infectiously positive attitude that strengthens the team as a whole. 

Sarah Freistone, Coach for the cross country and track teams at Dimond, stated, “If a race doesn’t go her way, she doesn’t sulk and let negative thoughts take over. She is thoughtful and finds ways to grow as an athlete and make improvements for her next performance. Her positivity and dedication inspires her fellow teammates and coaches alike.”

Zock’s commitment to running is reflected in her commitment to her education.

“Delainey is very focused and dedicated to any goal she sets whether it be academic or athletic.” stated Nate Normandin, a Dimond math teacher and Head Cross Country and Track Coach.

She takes challenging classes, many of them AP classes, and takes pride that her hard work has paid off in good grades. 

Zock stated she is most proud of “ scoring a 5 on the AP Lang AP test, and for passing AP Calc so far.”

She also utilized her time at Dimond to learn a new language. “I’ve loved being in German class each year,” Zock stated. 

Aside from athletics and academics, Zock is also a great friend to many people. 

Dimond Senior Jenna Walcsh stated, “You can always count on Delainey to help you out whether it’s on an assignment or if you just need to talk about life.”

Zock has recently committed to running for UAF and will be majoring in Wildlife Biology and Conservation

She is excited to learn about the areas of study within her major. 

“Freshman year will be mostly generic classes, but later on I’ll be learning cool things like how to study birds and plant ecology.”