Senior Spotlight: Haylie Hansen

Haylie Hansen is one of Dimond High School’s most insightful seniors.

Hansen is originally from Seattle, Wash., but moved to Anchorage around 14 years ago. 

She transferred during her junior year from West High School to Dimond High.

“I was scared to transfer since every school is different, but I was happier with my new start because my grades and mental health were really bad at West.”

Hansen, like most students on their first day at school, was nervous for her new start.

Starting fresh at a new school can be frightening, especially when you do not know anyone there.

“I was scared to transfer from West to Dimond since every school is different, but when I got here it was really cool to watch how every ‘clique’ supported each other and got along.

“I’ve never really been popular or friends with a lot of people, but being outside of the status quo gave me a chance to observe everything.

“On my first day I met Cameron Rollinson, she talked to me and was super welcoming. I’m glad I switched,” Hansen said.

Getting through high school is tough as it is, but once you have people by your side it makes it easier.

“Meeting my friends Lauryn, Chantilly, and Bo, have helped me feel more comfortable and confident here.”

Kids here tend to stay in their teacher’s classes for lunch to catch up on homework, eat and even just to chat.

“I loved going to Ms. Brewer’s room during lunch with all my friends and having important conversations with her about things that really mattered to me [social issues],” Hansen said.

At Dimond one of her favorite classes was English with Anne Morris.

“She was really nice and passionate about her job so it made it easier when it felt like she wanted to be here for her students.

“She was understanding, funny, and never mean. She never cared if we went off topic,” Hansen said.

As words to describe Hansen, Morris said, “Outspoken, enthusiastic, cheerful and confident.” 

When the pandemic hit Hansen, just like many other seniors, was sad to see some Dimond traditions taken away.

“I’ve been wanting a big senior prom since “High School Musical.”

“I was excited at the idea of graduation since I was younger and went to my sister’s,” Hansen said.

Outside of school Hansen enjoys drawing, singing, watching movies and walking her dogs.

After graduation Hansen plans on becoming an adolescent therapist. 

“I wanna be an adolescent therapist specifically to help children and teenagers.

“I think that kids that are younger need therapy especially with all the changes that happen at that age.

“I think it will help another generation to deal with their mental health. I wish I had that opportunity when I was younger,” Hansen said.

Hansen’s friend and Dimond Graduate Savanna Horton said, “Haylie is the most beautiful and caring person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I am so grateful to call her my best friend. Thank you for being a funny queen. I am so proud of you.”