Dimond Students Look Ahead

As high school ends, college begins. 

Seniors at Dimond High School are preparing to start a new chapter in their life as they plan the next few years ahead of them.

Senior Konan Lavivong stated, “The pandemic has drastically changed my course of education and life in general.”

Students are excited to move on, but the global epidemic has affected their original goals.

Senior Mairyn Drake stated, “The pandemic has changed my plans. I was planning on attending Northern Arizona University but decided to go to UAA to get my required classes out of the way and be close to home.”

Despite this obstacle, students are still on the right track.

Senior Burak Turker said, “My plan for college is to graduate with a bachelors of science in civil engineering with the least amount of student loans possible.”

In order to finish college with little cost, seniors need to find scholarships that are right for them.

Lavivong stated, “I’ve found some, lost some and received some! I will further my scholarship expedition as I conclude my senior year.”

However, some students have a different college path to take.

Senior Eve Kedem stated, “I don’t plan on applying for scholarships.

“I am taking a gap year after high school. After that year I am possibly enrolling into UAA for a writing and/or dancing degree of some sort.”

College is much different than high school, and with it comes new duties.

Drake stated, “I feel like I’m ready for the college responsibilities but I’m definitely not excited for it.”

Additionally, Lavivong stated, “I’ve had my fair share of college experience, but I’m most definitely not prepared for the real deal.”

Both Lavivong and Turker got a head start in college by attending Alaska Middle College.

On the other hand, Turker said, “I’m still on track and everything is going the way I planned for now.

“I have been signing up for a lot of scholarships, and so far I have the Alaska Performance Scholarship and also the UA Scholars Scholarship. 

“My goal is to get one more decent scholarship that can complement these two scholarships and fully cover my education for the next four years.”

Lavivong stated, “I’m most excited to experience new challenges and meeting new people.

“I’ll miss Mrs. Black and my choir experiences.”

Finding a place to live is a whole other aspect of going to college.

Turker said, “I will continue to live with my family for the remainder of my time here at UAA, but when I transfer to Washington State University, I plan to stay in a dorm as it is more affordable.”  

However, Kedem has a different idea. 

“I would like to get my own place with my best friends since we all plan on taking a gap year.”

High school itself is a special experience worth remembering.

Drake stated, “I will miss the social aspect of high school the most.”

As for Kedem, leaving behind the Dimond staff and sports will be just as hard. 

Kedem stated, “I will miss my favorite teachers and the school sports games.

“Thank you to all the teaching staff here at Dimond who have helped and supported me.

“Thank you to my best friends for sticking with me throughout our school journey.”

Dimond graduates of 2021 are still pushing forward despite the challenges his pandemic has created. 

Drake stated, “Class of 21’s year was a bruh moment but the pandemic made me grow as a person and closer to the people I love.”

Additionally, Lavivong stated, “Thank you for being such a great class. From elementary school to middle school, I’ve made many memories with you all, both good and bad. 

“As we ascend into adulthood and move on from our teenage years, I part you with my gratitude and appreciation. Thank you.”