Jeffrey Bannish Enjoys the Outdoors, Teaching

Born in Westfield Massachusetts, Geometry teacher Jeffrey Bannish said, “I am a very fortunate person.

“I was born on a farm with good health, that’s what makes me lucky.”

The truth is that Bannish started his teaching journey later in his career search.

Bannish said, “When I was looking for work as a pilot someone told me, you could be a substitute teacher because you have a few degrees.”

Bannish became a substitute only because he needed a job for the time being, as there were not too many job openings for his pilot degree.

However, once he started teaching, he didn’t stop. 

Bannish also has a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

“Additionally, I earned a masters degree in engineering management.” 

After Bannish discovered that he had a passion for teaching, he decided to pursue it. 

Bannish said, “I got a masters in teaching from UAA when I came to Alaska.”

Bannish then taught at three different schools but stayed at Dimond the longest. 

“I started at Jane Mears Middle School and taught there for three years.

“Afterwards, I taught for five years at East, and then I came to Dimond and I have been teaching here for 24 years.”

During his time here at Dimond, Bannish has taught several different classes.

“I’ve had Algebra, Informal Geometry, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Aviation Science, Financial Literacy (analyzing and displaying data); [they are] 17 different remedial classes that change names,” Bannish said. 

Currently teaching Geometry, Bannish said, “My favorite is Geometry because I am a visual person so I enjoy that.”

Dimond Counselor Pete Mandel stated, “Mr. Bannish is high energy, he exudes positivity and he is hard-working,

“He’s a fun guy to work with and a very nice person.”

Bannish is highly respected and appreciated by his fellow colleagues and students.

English teacher Marcus Reese stated, “Mr. Bannish is a committed teacher and an avid outdoorsman. He brings solid energy to both pursuits.

“Mr. Bannish is a dependable colleague and tireless educator.”

In addition to being a great teacher, Bannish also spends the time to create math videos. 

Bannish posts these videos on a youtube channel called Nanninotes, named after his much loved dog. 

Mandel stated, “His Naaninotes have been used by many students both at Dimond and in the broader community.

“Mr. Bannish will pour his energy into students and will always make time to help them out and be successful. He is encouraging and has spent a lot of time creating Youtube tutorials that he named Nani (after his beloved dog).”

Furthermore, Reese stated, “I appreciate the ways that Mr. Bannish tries to make math clear and relevant. I also like that his enthusiasm is contagious.

“He strikes me as the type of teacher who knows his content inside and out.”

Outside of school, Bannish enjoys activities in the great outdoors. 

Bannish said, “I like skiing, hiking, sea kayaking and going out on long trips.”

Mandel stated, “He often wears a tie… He’s an avid adventurer/outdoorsman…skier and kayaker.

“Having such a great colleague that I know if I put a student in his class, that the student would be served well.”

Moreover, Bannish said, “Having done other jobs, I like the discreet thing of teaching where you have a fresh start every year. 

“The year ends, you get the summer and being able to get a fresh start every year is what helps us hold on to teaching a bit longer,” Bannish added. 

“It’s rewarding to see enlightenment, to see someone have an epiphany, to see a student take pride in their work.”

And in a word to his students, Bannish said, “We’re not that different than you are. Your teachers are young at heart.

“Thanks for helping us stay young—boomshakalaka!”