Senior Spotlight: Stevan Pekich

Seattle is known for being innovative, from health and science, to music and art. 

Dimond Senior Stevan Luke Pekich has recently committed to the University of Washington and brings with him tremendous achievements and looks to make his own path while going to school in Seattle.

“I really wanted to live somewhere near or in a big city. I like the idea of being near somewhere where a lot of stuff happens and I can do something new every week, which is going to be a lot different than living in Anchorage,” said Pekich

Seattle is known for having vast activities, from hiking, to walking around the market and even seeing the Space Needle and a lot of Vietnamese food.

“I’m not totally sure what I want to major in yet, but I want to look into areas with writing and communications since I’ve always loved to write and would love to pursue higher levels of writing skill,” said Pekich.

Pekich has been a part of the school’s journalism program since his sophomore year, and hopes to continue writing through college.

“I have a huge interest in writing and journalism, and enjoyed taking Dimond’s journalism course my sophomore and junior years. It was super fun to learn a new style of writing and get to hear stories and experiences from students and staff around Dimond that I would normally never hear about,” Pekich said.

Dimond Senior Jeremiah Eneix said, “Steve seemed pretty interested and enjoyed it when I was in journalism with him.” 

The University of Washington has an extremely popular journalism program, and is ranked top 50 in the nation.

“I’m also really interested in cooking and baking, and super excited to be working in an actual kitchen this summer and to get real experience working in the area,” Pekich said.

Pekich makes his own sourdough bread and is going to work at Chugach Adventures and help prepare meals for tourists over the summer.

“I’m also excited to experience my first summer out of high school, and look forward to  moving to Seattle in the fall to go to college,” Pekich said.

While Pekich may be leaving soon, he has left his mark at Dimond by becoming a prom prince.

 “While it’s a bummer there won’t be a prom this year, I’m still super happy to have made it on prom court. I always knew that it was a possibility I was going to end up on there, but I’m still pretty shocked it actually ended up happening,” Pekich said.

Dimond Senior Gage Smart said, “It’s pretty funny that he is a prince. Cool but a bit funny.” 

Smart has known Pekich for 12 years going all the way back to elementary school.

“He has gotten taller, he has changed a lot physically but has been more or less the same for 12 years,” Smart said

Smart’s favorite thing to do with Pekich is game out on the Xbox One Series X.

The four years at Dimond have gone by fast for everyone, including Pekich, and college will just go by faster.

“I’m still unsure of what I want to do after college, but would be stoked to be able to start a career in journalism or something that involves writing, and will be seeking out opportunities for that during my time at University of Washington in the next few years,” Pekich said.