Homework Cutback Would Help Students

Year after year, students complain about the amount of homework teachers give the students. To help stop the complaining and students failing classes, teachers should give the students homework on Mondays and have it due on Fridays. From my experience, that system works better than getting homework every day; it’s how homework in my government class works. This system gives students time to finish their homework and work on other classes knowing that it is due at the end of the week. Teachers might say that students get homework on Monday and if it’s not due until Friday, what would the students being doing during the class during the other three days? I say to have the students take notes or give them some class work. If they don’t finish their class work in class, then it’s their fault if they have more homework to do than the other students in the class who took the time to do their work. Also, if homework was due on Fridays then students who are absent during the week wouldn’t be missing a lot of assignments, so if a student missed a week of school they wouldn’t have an “F” in the class. I think Mondays and Fridays should be work days and Tuesdays through Thursdays should be days where students take notes to have for studying for a test coming up or just to work on class work that would be homework if they don’t finish it. Even if teachers just cut back on the homework load, it would help for the students who are in Advanced Placement classes so then they don’t get stuck with hours and hours of homework. Also, that would allow for students to have a life outside of school or to do sports, because when students are loaded with long hours of homework then they don’t have time to play sports. So, I believe teachers should lower the homework load and think about assigning homework on Mondays and having it due on Fridays.