2012 Floods Theaters

Ronald Emmerich destroys the world on the big screen, again. First it was aliens trying to invade Earth in “ Independence Day .” Next was the giant green lizard “ Godzilla ” destructing the cities stomp by stomp. Then in 2004 Emmerich froze the world in global climate changing thriller “ The Day After Tomorrow .” This year the director and writer continues to be an angry 5-year-old, who loves smashing sky scrapers into broken Lego pieces and then flooding the world with bubble bath water in “2012.” “2012” is packed with various jaw-dropping disaster scenes. Senior Milo Sumulong describes his favorite scene as “When the Limo was driving through a collapsing building dodging [office] pillars then jumping in the air.” Special effects guru Emmerich sinks southern California, explodes Yellowstone and Hawaii then buries the Las Vegas strip. Along with Emmerich’s previous movies story line, the plot of “2012” is a hate it or love it concept. Those who fully reject the idea of the earth’s end on December 21, 2012 strongly dislike the plot. “The story was horrible, but the special features were cool,” Senior Russell Nettlow said. The plot is based on the Mayan and scientific predictions of the end of the world in 2012. The Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world on winter solstice 2012. Some scientists predict all the planets will align to the sun. Supposedly, this planetary alignment will yield the strongest solar flares of all time, melting the earth’s core, creating a rise in the sea level and also causing volcanic eruptions around the world. “I want to build a boat now,” Sumulong said after thoughts on seeing the eruptions. The cast includes stars such as John Cusack as the main character Jackson Curtis, who is trying everything possible to keep his family alive. Amanda Peet portrays Cusack’s wife Kate Curtis. Woody Harrison plays Charlie Frost, the crazed hippie who warns Cusack’s character about the upcoming catastrophe. Chiwetel Ejiofor is Adrian Helmsley, the scientist who discovers the world crisis. Lastly, Danny Glover is the United States president, the first African-American president portrayed in a major motion picture since President Obama ’s inauguration, according to a time.com article written by Richard Corliss . Currently the film has made grossed $140 million in the United States. Worldwide, “2012” has made $600 million and is fourth on the 2009 top grossing worldwide list according to rottentomatoes.com . then buries the Las Vegas strip.