On Hating New Moon

The movie “New Moon” is the second of the “Twilight” series. It came out in theaters Nov. 20 at midnight. Sitting through a whole movie with shiny skin and cute puppies running around would be a waste of time if I had anything else better to do. “Why can’t any of these people act?” asked junior Denali Lukacinsky. I asked the same question. The movie continues the complex love story of Bella Swan ( Kristen Stewart ), a human, and vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison). The scene opens with Bella and Edward frolicking through the flowers, Edward’s face shimmering in the sunlight. The issue began with the inevitable truth that Bella eventually would grow old and Edward would not. Edward breaks it off with Bella as means of protecting his love and leaves town along with the rest of the Cullens . Bella’s heart is broken. One scene right after another depicts her screaming in her sleep because of dreams she has of bad things happening to the absent Edward. Everyone is worried for her. When Bella is awake she realizes she has hallucinations of her lover boy when she is in danger of any kind and/or when her adrenaline kicks in. Now that Edward is gone, three guys are after Bella’s heart. One is a friend from school that has had his eye on her ever since she came into town. Mike Newton (Michael Welch) goes to the movie “Face Punch” with Bella and Jacob Black ( Taylor Lautner ). During the movie Mike, who is competing for Bella’s heart, throws up and gets called a marshmallow. He already lost the race at the starting line. The other competitor is a childhood friend, the infamous Jacob. He wins this race. With Bella, monsters always triumph over humans. He’s a werewolf. After a while Jacob tries to break it off to protect her. It’s a reoccurring scene. Both Jacob and Edward just end up putting her in more danger, and because Edward isn’t there, Bella turns into an adrenaline junkie. In the end, Edward was always already at the finish line in the race for Bella’s heart. So Bella saves him and he is the one who turns out to be the damsel in distress. The Volturi, actors Jamie Campbell Bower , Dakota Fanning , Michael Sheen , say she eventually has to be turned to a vampire. The Cullens said they would do it themselves. Then Edward proposes. Apparently there were a few chapters that weren’t in the movie that were originally in the book that a few people missed when they went to the show. Jessie LaRosa, senior said, “Where are my five chapters?!” She was very upset. The theater experience when I went to see the movie was distracting but humorous. Every time Jacob came on screen the whole theater went into a hullabaloo. “Go Jacob’s team!” I heard from behind me. Yes, there are teams now. “There sure was a whole lot of man meat in that movie,” said Sophomore Olivia Cluff. She liked it. It’s true; almost every scene that Jacob was in and the rest of his pack had their shirts off. I’m sure it was so they wouldn’t rip their shirts to shreds when they phased into huge ravaging wolves. They were just being thoughtful of their moms. Thank God for mothers!