Mac vs. PC: It’s Your Choice

It’s a timeless question that people are asking now more than ever. Which computer is better? Apple ’s Mac, or Windows Personal Computer . Well, to truly answer that question I have to present you with some facts. A lot of people are scared of purchasing Macs because of the high prices. That alone is a great reason to not consider Macs when purchasing a computer. For the price of one 13-inch Mac, you can purchase two PCs with the same screen size. Is the extra money really worth it? In my humble opinion it is. Macs have an amazing operating system and the look and feel of the computer is amazing as well. With some Macs available in a unibody aluminum shell, the computer is as light as a feather. This is one of the areas that Mac beats PC. I’ve used Windows Vista and was really unhappy with it. Only time will tell if Windows new operating system, Windows 7, is any better or any worse. Some other amazing features of Mac’s include an illuminated keyboard and a bright easy to see screen. I’m not trying to be a Mac fan boy or anything. I mean, PCs also have some great features including the option of totally customizing your computer. If you want to play games on a Mac, you’re out of luck. Since I’ve had my Mac I’ve seen only two games advertised. If you want to upgrade your hard drive or your graphics card it’ll be hard to do that on a Mac, as well. As some Mac owners already know, Apple recommends not even opening your Mac computer. A downside of PCs is that they are too open to viruses and other spyware. Almost every hacker out there is creating a virus for PCs. You can try protection software for your computer, but most of them are sketchy at best With a Mac, the software is really closed and it is nearly impossible to hack or write a virus for a Mac. And if that ever does happen, Apple offers some sort of a warantee. Some people might also think that closed software is bad and doesn’t let you use the computer to its potential. All a matter of what you like. Personally I like Macs better because they look and feel amazing. All you can really do is try both computers out and see how they are.